DFSG 2021: Oral presentation instructions



  • Format: PPTX or PPT, no keynote format is supported.
  • Slide size: 16:9. You can use the DFSG template (DOWNLOAD HERE) or your own template in 16:9.
  • Please include a Conflict of Interest declaration as the first or second slide.
  • Number of slides: No limit, depending on duration of talk.
  • Final file format: Mp4



Your oral presentations should be pre-recorded before the conference and sent to ks@dfsg.org in Mp4 by 6 September 23.59 CEST the latest.

Technical requirements:

  • Webcam or build-in camera in the laptop
  • Good Internet connection
  • Access to the audio of the laptop (we strongly recommend using a headset for better sound quality)
  • Make sure to have the laptop connected to the charger
  • Make sure to turn off all the notifications on the laptop
  • Please make sure to set the mobile phone on silent mode

Please record your presentation with video and audio as well as slides.


You have 2 options for recording:

  1. Record in a system of your choice (i.e. Zoom). Final file sent to the DFSG Secretariat should be Mp4. Please find step-by-step guideline how to record in Zoom here.
  2. Record in Power Point: Use the recorder function in Power Point to record your presentation with audio and video. Please find step-by-step guideline for recordings in Power Point here.



All recordings should be sent to DFSG secretariat by 6th September 2021, 23:59 CEST

After the conference

All oral presentations will be available on-demand after the conference on the conference platform, where you can acess them using your conference login.