Award winners

E-Poster prize

1st and 2nd prize winners have been selected among the 16 highest scoring e-Poster abstracts. Uploaded e-Posters have been evaluated by the Executive Committee.

e-Posters have been evaluated accoring to the following criteria:

  • Visually appealing
  • Well laid out in a logical manner
  • Relevant and interesting content
  • Has clear conclusions

    1st prize winner: Khor Benedictine (P23)

    2nd prize winner: Zulfiqarali G. Abbas (P24)

    The Paul Wilson Brand Repetitive Stress Award (PWB-RSA)

    To commemorate the pioneering work of the late Dr. Paul Wilson Brand (1914-2003) and to stimulate further research in this field, the PWB-RSA was donated by a private anonymous.

    The prize is awarded to applicants submitting an abstract to a regular DFSG meeting, presenting new clinical or experimental data on the effects of repetitive mechanical stress on soft tissues, joints or bones.

    The PWB-RSA comprises the sum of 3000 € and the privilege to lecture on the topic during that meeting.


    2020 winner: 

    Analysis of plantar pressure pattern after metatarsal head resection. Can plantar pressure predict reulceration?

    Marta García-Madrid Martín de Almagro, Spain

    See the presentation 18th September 2020, 14.45 or on demand the week after the virtual meeting


    Oral prize

    The 3 best oral abstracts will be presented in the Oral Award Presentations session, Saturday 19th, 11:00-12:00. All watching the session live will have the opportunity to vote for the best presentation.

    Winner of the Oral abstract prize 2020: Sicco Bus, the Netherlands

    Prize Oral 1: The effectiveness of at-home foot temperature monitoring in reducing the incidence of ulcer recurrence in people with diabetes: a multicentre randomized controlled trial (DIATEMP)