Poster Guidelines

Posters will be discussed at the times you will find in the programme on the website from mid June. PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE regularly.

The posters are discussed in groups in front of the relevant group of poster boards lead by a chairperson.

If the poster presenter does not appear for his/her poster session at the correct time his/her poster will be disqualified and he/she will lose the right to become a DFSG member for 3 years;  if he/she is already a DFSG member he/she will lose his/her membership!

Please have your poster prepared in advance; there will be no facilities for making  copies at the venue. The posters will be affixed to the poster boards with pins or other method which will be provided to you by the conference staff.

FORMATPORTRAIT format only!  SIZE: this should be A0 which is approx. 84,1 cm wide × 118,9 cm high. Please do not exceed these dimensions.

 …The title, the author(s) and the place of work should be positioned at the top of the poster.

…Each presentation should include a brief explanation of the aims, methods, results and conclusions.

…All text, tables and drawings should be large enough to be seen at a distance of 2m

…Drawings may be originals or photographs, provided they are of the appropriate size. Data should be in the form of tables and/or figures.

…The number of your poster may be seen later on the website, under poster abstracts. This will also be printed in the final programme.


Posters can be mounted from Fri. 20. September 2013 and must be removed on or before the evening of Sun. 22. Sept. at the latest.

Thank you for your co-operation.
If your poster does not conform with DFSG size rules it will not be displayed!