Step-by-step guideline: How to submit an abstract for DFSG 2024


Before starting the submission process

Prepare your abstract to fit the template, which can be downloaded here.


  • Do not include the abstract title, author names or affiliations in the template (These details should be added during the submission process)
  • Font size 11
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Max 300 words and no longer than 1 page

General guidelines:

  • Only 1 abstract to be submitted per author.
  • Only the first author can present.  Please make sure the first author is the presenting author. Only the name of the first author will appear in the timetable part of the programme.
  • Work that has previously been presented at a DFSG meeting or other scientific meeting will not be accepted unless there is a substantial increase in data.
  • Use of brand names:For all references to products or companies, generic names must be used. The brand name can be inserted as a reference at the bottom of the abstract page. DFSG reserves the right to replace any brand name with a generic name without further notice.

Submitting an abstract

  1. Login to the system using the provided link. You will be asked to enter your e-mail, name, affiliations and contact details to create a profile.
  2. After completing your profile, click the button saying “Abstracts”
  3. Choose “Submit an abstract” if you wish to submit a new abstract, or “View my abstracts” if you wish to see your already submitted abstracts. Please note that no changes can be made online to already submitted abstracts

Enter the abstract title and preferred presentation type.

Click “Next”

  1. Add the authors of the abstract, including the author affiliations.

You can choose yourself by clicking “I am an author” and add more authors by typing the e-mail addresses of the authors.

Click “Next”

  1. Presenting author / speaker: Add the presenting author by choosing a speaker from the list of authors by clicking “Choose a speaker”.

Click “Next”

  1. Conditions: Please answer all questions regarding age and prize.

Click “Next”

  1. Conflict of Interest: Please indicate if you have a conflict of interest by clicking “Yes” or “No”. If yes, please elaborate in the comments box on the page.

Click “Next”.

  1. Upload your abstract. The system checks if you have used the template. If not, the template can be downloaded on the page.

Click “Next”.

  1. Summary and submission: A summary of your choices and a preview of your abstract will be visible. If you wish to change anything, click the “Back” button below the summary.

If you agree with the summary, click “Publish/submit” at the bottom of the page. A pop-up window will open asking if you are sure that you wish to submit, Click “Publish “again. Please note that your abstract is not submitted until you have clicked “Submit” in the pop-up window and you are directed to

After submission

  1. Confirmation: An automatically generated confirmation e-mail will be sent to you within a few minutes after submission.
  2. Notification of accept/reject will be sent by e-mail to the submitter in May 2024.