Research Group

The DFSG research group was founded on a DFSG Meeting in Berlin after over 40 young scientists applied to work scientifically on the First Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevention. 

The DFSG executive committee was inspired by Ernst Chantelau to focus on prevention of the very first ulcer.

Diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) is known to be a severe complication of Diabetes. Recurrence rate is high, leading to additional costs to health care providers and patients. 

Many efforts to reduce primary and recurrence rates have been seen, however, there are very few studies focusing on the prevention of the very first ulcer with the aim of preventing the DFU and its sequelae entirely. 

Furthermore, due to the difficulties in stratification of low-risk from moderate or high-risk patients, and the need to protect the foot, studies are often limited. Therefore there are very few proven DFU primary prevention programs and in turn there is paucity of information for their economic benefit. 

The DFSG decided to initiate a group of young academics/clinicians/scientists to work on the field of “Prevention of the First Ulcer” with the aim to define patients at risk and to evaluate the ulcer incidence in high-risk, middle and low risk group. 

The Board of DFSG agreed to call for applicants and support the project by connecting the young scientist with group of multi-disciplinary mentors with a profound understanding of the diabetic foot and to bring the group together a few times to meet eye to eye for maximum commitment and inspiration. 

In June 2018 five out of nearly 40 applicants have been selected, and the first meeting of the young scientist and their mentors took place at the DFSG meeting 2018 in Berlin. 


Biosketches of junior scientists

Elisabetta Iacopi

Jarmila Jirkovska

Johan Bovbjerg Røikjer

Matilde Filipa Monteiro Soares

Daina Walton

Ernst Chantelau

In multiple skype meetings the junior scientist developed their project plans and presented the results to the group in Copenhagen in February 2019. 

With the aim of writing a grant application for the research project “Prevention of the First Ulcer” the research group discussed the planes with the DFSG executive committee at IDF conference in Den Hague May 2019. 

Participants Copenhagen meeting from left : Jarmila Jirkovska, Anna Trocha, Johan Røkjer, Matilde Monteiro Soares, Klaus Kirketerp-Møller , William Jeffcoat, Sicco Bus, Jan Apleqvist (Diana Walton and Michael Edmonds attended via skype)

Participants Den Hague meeting: Johan Røkjer, Matilde Monteiro Soares, Elisabetta Iacopi, Michael Edmonds, William Jeffcoate, Fran Game, Sicco Bus, Jarmila Jirkovska, Anna Trocha