Society Fellowship is bestowed on only those individuals that are founding members of the DFSG or those individuals that have been democratically elected and served in the position of chairperson of the DFSG.

Conformation of fellowship can only be gained after completion of the chairperson’s final term at the next available executive meeting.


Fellows will be expected to uphold the constitution of the DFSG and its bylaws some of which are summarized below:

  • The DFSG Executive Committee reserves the right to call upon fellows to provide guidance and expertise to the membership.
  • To promote an advancement of knowledge on all aspects of diabetic foot care through active interdisciplinary co-operation and collaboration for diabetic patients with foot problems.
  • The main aim will be to bring together researchers working in this field through exchanges of experiences in research and clinical practice during regular meetings.
  • Promotion of European collaborative studies and also act as a reference group for the EASD in matters relating to foot problems, amputations, etc.
  • To support the organization of seminars, workshops and other meetings, possibly in conjunction with other EASD working groups. 


These and other bylaws not specified here were originally approved by the EASD at the 1st meeting of the Diabetic Foot Study Group held in Barcelona on 12. September 1998 and minor alterations, included in this version, were approved by a quorate Annual General Meeting held in Fiuggi, Italy on 17. September 2000. Revised on 4. September 2004 at the AGM held in Regensburg, Germany.


Fellowship of the DFSG will bestow upon the individual the following rights

  • Honorary life long membership to the DFSG with the possibility of registering in the non-presenting member category
  • Invitation to all future Annual DFSG meetings from the executive committee
  • Entitled to participate in Scientific and Business Meetings of the Group, to vote and to elect the Executive Committee