Poster Presentation guidelines

Please observe the following when you prepare your poster:

  • The title, the author(s) and the place of work should be positioned at the top of the poster.
  • Each presentation should include a brief explanation of the aims, methods, results and conclusions.
  • All text, tables and drawings should be large enough to be seen at a distance of 2m
  • Drawings may be originals or photographs, provided they are of the appropriate size. Data should be in the form of tables and/or figures.
  • The language of the poster should beEnglish. 
  • The measurement of your poster should be approximately A0 Portrait, (maximum 118.9 cm high x 84.1 wide / 46.8 in. high and 33.1 in. wide). 
  • Please bring your poster to the conference yourself - do not send it, as this will be considered as a no show.
  • The Conference Secretariat provides equipment for setting up the posters on the boards. 
  • The Conference Secretariat takes no responsibility for left or damaged posters. 

Paper poster session:

All paper posters will be placed in a paper poster session, where 5 min will be allocated to each poster for presentation.

The posters are discussed in groups in front of the relevant group of poster boards lead by a chairperson.

If the poster presenter does not appear for his/her poster session at the correct time his/her poster will be disqualified and he/she will lose the right to become a DFSG member for 3 years;  if he/she is already a DFSG member he/she will lose his/her membership.

You will receive your poster number and session information via e-mail before the conference.

Mounting of posters:

Posters can be mounted from Friday 16th September 2022, 12:00 and must be removed by Sunday 18th September, 16.00. 

Accepted abstracts will be published in printed and in the online programme.

Displayed paper posters will not be accessible after the conference.