Oral Abstracts




Rate Of Change In Serum Bone Turnover Markers In Patients With Charcot Osteoarthropathy Treated With Recombinant Human Parathyroid Hormone – Data From A Double Blind Randomised Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial

Wegin Tang | Ana Nora Donaldson | Maureen Bates | Timothy Jemmott | Caje Moniz | Nina Petrova | Michael Edmonds



Treatment Of The Acute Charcot Arthropathy In Non-Selected Outpatient Cohort: Results Of 8-Year Experience

Vadim Bregovskiy | Anastasia Demina | Irina Karpova



How To Improve The Outcome Of Charcot Foot? – Results Of 5 Years Follow Up – Prospective Study

Mohamed Motawea | Fady Kyrillos | Ahmed Albehairy | Ahmed Hanafy



Value Of SPECT/CT In The Diagnosis Of Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis By 99mtc-HMPAO-Labeled Leucocyte Scan

Stamata Georga | Christos Manes | Triantafyllos Didangelos | Vasileios Kourkoubas | Chariklia Kesisidou | Georgios Arsos



The Concordance Of Empirical Antibiotic Therapies In Primary Care Versus Antibiotic Treatment Guided By Bone Culture In Patients With Clinically Suspected Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis

Aroa Tardáguila García | José Luis Lázaro | Irene Sanz | Raúl Molines Barroso | Yolanda García Álvarez | Victoria Candelario Poteleschenko



Admission Time Deep Swab Specimens Compared To Bone Sampling To Guide Targeted Antibiotic Therapy In Hospitalised Patients With Acute Severe Diabetic Foot And Osteomyelitis.

Ana Manas | Surabhi Taori | Michael Edmonds | Prash Vas



Prospective Assessment Of White Blood Cell SPECT/CT In Monitoring Antibiotic Treatment In Patients With Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis

Julien Vouillarmet | Moret Myriam | Michon Paul | Morelec Isabelle



Assessment And Cost Analysis Of The Hyper Acute Diabetic Foot Service To Manage The Severe Foot Attack

Raju Ahluwalia | Aaditya Sinha | Joesph Tam  | Saif  Sait | Maureen  Bates  | Vas Prashant  | Venu  Kavarthapu | Michael  Edmonds



Decrease In (Major) Amputations In German Diabetics - A Secondary Data Analysis By AOK Rheinland/Hamburg

Gerald Engels | Melanie May | Dirk Hochlenert | Sebastian Hahn | Claudia Tonn



Increasing Age And Underlying Renal Problems Are The Main Factors For Increased Mortality In DFU

Gavin Connolly | Benjamin Phillips | Satyan Rajbhandari



Clinical And Microbiological Outcomes After Sequential Low-Frequency Ultrasound Wound Debridement Of Neuroischemic Diabetic Foot Ulcers

José Luis Lázaro | FRANCISCO JAVIER ALVARO AFONSO | Esther Garcia   Morales | Yolanda García Álvarez | Raúl Molines Barroso | Irene Sanz



Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Of Custom-Made Footwear On Foot Ulcer Recurrence In Patients With Diabetes In The DIAFOS Trial.

Nora Mejaiti | M. Dijkgraaf | S.A. Bus



Patients’ Adherence To Customized Diabetic Insoles As Objectively Assessed By A Temperature Sensor

Dominic Ehrmann | Monika Spengler | Michael Jahn | Hendrik Siebert | Dea Niebuhr | Thomas Haak | Bernhard Kulzer | Norbert Hermanns



Percutaneous Needle Flexor Tenotomy Of Hammer, Mallet And Claw Toes In The Diabetic Patient

Jonas Hedegaard Andersen | Sine Hangaard | Klaus Kirketerp-Møller | Anne Rasmussen



A Review Of The Impact Of A New Footcare Intervention Programme Carried Out In Two Haemodialysis Units In Nottingham, UK.

Lisa Metcalf | Alison Musgrove



Characteristics Of New-Patient Referrals To Specialist Diabetes Foot Care Services Across Europe

Claas Lüdemann | C.A. Manu | Raju Ahluwalia | Jose Luis Garcia Klepzig | Victor Rodriguez Saenz De Buruaga | Raphael Masson | Elko Randrianarisoa | Chiara Mattaliano



Effectiveness Of Treatment In Networks Practicing Shared Care For People With DFS

Dirk Hochlenert | Kerres Thomas



Prediction Model For Plantar Foot Ulcer Recurrence In High-Risk Diabetes Patients

Wouter Aan De Stegge | Ameen Abu-Hanna | Sicco Bus



Is Transcutaneous Oxygen Pressure A Suitable Measurement Method For Assessment Of The Effect Of Cell Therapy On Critical Limb Ischemia In Diabetic Patients?

Michal Dubsky | Alexandra Jirkovská | Robert Bem | Andrea Němcová | Vladimíra Fejfarová | Veronika Wosková | Kamil Navrátil | Bedrich Sixta


Severity Of Foot Pathology (IWGDF Categories 2 And 3) Shows The Strongest Association With Mortality In Diabetes

Dragan Tesic



Painful Neuropathy Is Common But Largely Undiagnosed In Subjects With And Without Diabetes Participating In A Nationwide Educational Initiative (PROTECT Study)

Doerr Stefan | Ziegler Dan | Storm  Alexander | Landgraf Rüdiger | Reiners Karlheinz | Rett Kristian | Schnell Oliver | Ralf Lobmann



Microrna 210 Role For Wound Healing In Diabetes

Sergiu Bogdan Catrina | Sampath  Narayanan | Xiaowei  Zheng | Sofie  Eliasson | Jacob Grunler | Cheng Xu | Mircea Ivan



Screening Of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome With Respect To The Incidence Of Macrovascular Complications And Impairment Of Microcirculation In Patients With The Diabetic Foot

Vladimira Fejfarova | Alexandra Jirkovská | Jan Polák | Robert Bém | Michal Dubský | Veronika Wosková | Andrea Němcová | Marta Křížová | Jelena Skibová



MR Spectroscopy In The Assessment Of Effect Of Revascularization In Diabetic Patients With Critical Limb Ischemia

Andrea Nemcova | Alexandra Jirkovská | Michal Dubský | Robert Bem | Vladimira Fejfarova | Veronika Woskova | Petr Sedivy



Impact Of Heart Failure And Dialysis In The Prognosis Of Diabetic Patients With Critical Limb Ischemia And Foot Ulcer.

Marco Meloni | Valentina Izzo | Laura Giurato | Valeria Ruotolo | Luigi Uccioli



Is Wifi Scoring System Enough For Identifying Factors Related To Healing Diabetic Foot Ulcers In Patients With Critical Limb Ischemia?

María Pilar Vela Orús | Tania Iglesias Soria | Lorea Martínez Indart | Eunate Arana Arri | Marc Cairols Castellote | María Sonia Gaztambide Sáez


Prize Orals





Treatment With Recombinant Human Parathyroid Hormone Does Not Enhance Clinical Resolution And Fracture Healing Of Charcot Osteoarthropathy - Double Blind Randomised Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial

Michael Edwin Edmonds | AN Donaldson | Wegin Tang | Maureen Bates | Timothy Jemmott | V Morris | David Elias | Nina Petrova



Initial Results Of The National Diabetes Footcare Audit Of England And Wales

William Jeffcoate | Tom  Latham | Arthur Yelland | Robert J. Young



Evaluation Of The Effectiveness And Cost-Effectiveness Of Lightweight Fibreglass Heel Casts In The Management Of Ulcers The Heel In Diabetes: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Fran Game | William Jeffcoate | Vivienne Turtle-Savage | Alison Musgrave | Trish Price | Wei Tan | Lucy Bradshaw | Alan Montgomery | Deborah Fitzsimmons | Angela Farr | Tom Winfield | Ceri Phillips


Poster Abstracts




The Investigation Of The Antimicrobial Activity Of The Eastern European And New Zealand Honey To Multidrug-Resistant Strains.

Vladislav Privolnev | Anton Rodin



The Charcot Foot: An Emerging Public Health Problem For  African Diabetes Population

Zulfiqarali G. Abbas | Lennox  Archibald  | Janet  Lutale



Analysis Of 5-Year Prognosis And Risk Factors In Chinese Patients With Their First Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Yongjie Li  | Lifang Mai | Li Yan | Meng  Ren | Dan Liu | Chuan Wang | Kan Sun | Yichen Guo | Yu Lao | Chuan Yang



Surgical Management Of Charcot Deformity -  Internal Or External Fixation?

Kiriakos Daniilidis | Daiwei Yao | Christina Stukenborg-Colsman | Christian Plaass | Leif Claaßen | Sarah Ettinger



Plasmatic Scalpel In The Surgical Treatment Of Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis

Anton Rodin | Vladislav Privolnev



Establishing Normative Thermal Pattern Data For The Hands And Feet: A First Step In Developing A Diabetes Thermography Protocol

Alfred Gatt | Cynthia Formosa | Kevin Cassar | Kenneth Camilleri | Clifford De Raffaele | Anabelle Mizzi | Carl Azzopardi | Stephen Mizzi | Owen Falzon | Stefania Christina | Nachiappan Chockalingham



Autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cells In Treatment Of Recalcitrant Neuropathic Diabetic Foot Ulcer: Randomized Controlled Trial

Ahmed Albehairy | Hassan Abdelghaffar | Hala Abdelhafez | Mahmoud Elhussiny | Ahmed Emam | Manal Tarshoby



Underuse Of Orthopedic Shoes In Charcot Patients: Analyze Of The Routine Clinical Practice

Anastasia Demina | Vadim Bregovskiy | Irina Karpova



Factors Associated With Positive Bone Cultures In Patients With Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Veronika Woskova | Alexandra Jirkovská | Robert Bem | Michal Dubský | Vladimíra Fejfarová | Andrea Němcová | Kamil Navrátil | Bedrich Sixta



Patients On Haemodialysis Have A Higher Number Of Risk Factors For Diabetic Foot Ulceration

Leticia  Heys | Hazel Pollard | Satyan Rajbhandari



Common Pathogens Isolated In Diabetic Foot Infections And Respective Risk Factors For Gram-Negative Organisms.

Aggelos Pappas  | Polixeni Karakosta | Anna Kasimato | Efpraxia Gourgourela | MARIA VAKONAKI | Aikaterini Zouridi



Evaluation Of The Effective And Safety Using Daptomycin To Chronic Lower Limbs Ulcers With MRSA Infections

Yuta Terabe



The Use Of Home Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy For Diabetic Foot Infections And Its Associated Cost Savings And Reduction In Inpatient Stay Over A 1 Year Period.

Shailesh Gohil | Rachel Berrington | Debra Modha | Marie France Kong



Infection And Gut Colonization By KPC-Producing Klebsiella Pneumoniae As Risk Factors For Mortality In Patients With Diabetic Foot Infections: A Multicentre Case-Control Study.

Elisabetta Iacopi | Alberto Coppelli | Chiara Goretti | Alberto Piaggesi



High Prevalence Of Quinolone-Resistant Microorganisms In Infected Diabetic Foot

Cesare Miranda | Roberto Da Ros | Giorgio Zanette



Medical Imaging And Laboratory Analysis Of Diagnostic Accuracy In 107 Consecutive Hospitalized Patients With Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis And Partial Foot Amputations

Crystal Ramanujam | David Han | Thomas Zgonis



Diabetic Foot Infection As A Cause For Fall In EGFR Even In Those With No CKD

Senthil Govindan | Vijay Viswanathan | Anitha  Rani | Zenith  Khashim



Charcot Foot Attacks In A Non-Transplanted Diabetes Mellitus Population: The Importance Of Corticosteroids As A Causative Factor

Jennifer Hautekeur | Sander Wuite | Sabrina Houthoofd | Giovanni Matricali



The Role Of The Ct Guided Bone Biopsy In Patients With Diabetic Foot Syndrome To Differentiate Osteomyelitis From Charcot- Neuroosteoarthropathy.

Steffen Schöntag | Ralf Lobmann



What MRI-Intervals For Monitoring The Resolution Of Active Diabetic Charcot Foot ? A Retrospective Clinical Study.

Ernst Chantelau



Biomechanics Of The Contralateral Foot In Diabetic Patients With Unilateral Minor Amputations

Tatiana Tcvetkova | Vadim Bregovskiy



Evaluation Of D-Foot, A Tool To Identify The Risk Factor Footdeformity In Diabetes.

Boel Dittmer | Ulla Hellstrand Tang | Johan Olsson | Roland Zügner | Roy Tranberg



Deformation At First Presentation Is Associated With Ulceration In Active Charcot Foot:  A Prospective Follow-Up Study Of 62 Patients Of The IQED-Foot Study

Jens Vermeersch | Kris Doggen | Isabelle Dumont | Felix Patricia | Patrick Lauwers | Frank Nobels | Randon Caren | Giovanni Matricali



Diabetes, Ankle Plantar Flexion And Foot Ulcers

Piergiorgio Francia | Alessandra De Bellis | Giuseppe Seghieri | Mirca Marini | Sonia Toni | Anna Tedeschi | Massimo Gulisano | Roberto Anichini



Role Of Calcaneal Quantitative Ultrasonometry For Diagnosis Of Charcot Foot In Patients After Pancreas Transplantation

Robert Bem | Alexandra Jirkovská | Jana Brunová | Andrea Němcová | Michal Dubský | Simona Kratochvilova | Vladimíra Fejfarová | Veronika Wosková | František Saudek



Structural Changes And Biomechanical Disorders In Patients With Diabetes Mellitus And High-Risk Foot

Raúl Molines Barroso | José Luis Lázaro | FRANCISCO JAVIER ALVARO AFONSO | Esther Garcia   Morales | Yolanda García Álvarez | Rebeca Alvarez Madroñal



Diagnosis Of Charcot Foot - A Marker Of Overall Decline In Health And Well-Being: The Patient’s Perspective

Jody Lucas | Simon Otter | Channine Clarke | Adrian Bone



Do Diabetes Multidisciplinary Foot Clinics Have An Impact In Reducing Major Amputation Rates-The County Durham And Darlington Experience?

Giridhar Tarigopula | Praveen Partha | Shafie Kamaruddin | Srikanth Mada | Paul Peter



Peripheral Arterial Disease And Amputations In Diabetic Patients With Charcot Foot:: Italian Data 2003-2013

Roberto Anichini | Flavia Lombardo | Enrico  Brocco | Anna  Tedeschi | Giuseppe Seghieri | Secondina Viti | Piergiorgio Francia | Massimo Gulisano | Marina Maggini | Alessandra De Bellis



Total Contact Casting Is Effective Treatment Modality In Foot Ulcers In Non-Plantar Areas

Maureen Bates | Timothy Jemmott | Wegin Tang | Jody Lucas | Daina Walton | Prash Vas | Mike Edmonds



Multidisciplinary Treatment Of Diabetic Foot Ulcers; A Prospective Study.

Jan-Hein Prinsen | Frits Kemperman | Frank Hamers | Olivier Koning | Ronald Van Den Haak | Jan Willem Hinnen | Bart Verhoeven



A Dedicated Pain Clinic Based In The Foot Unit Helps In The Reduction Of Morbidity Associated With Diabetic Painful Peripheral Neuropathy.

Prash Vas | C.A. Manu | Maureen Bates | Michael Edmonds



The Simple Staging System Identifies Patients At Risk Of Adverse Clinical Outcome: Results From A One Year Cohort Study

Timothy Jemmott | C.A. Manu | Maureen Bates | Nina Petrova | Michael Edmonds



Methodology Of A Structured Diabetic Foot Education Program (DFEP): A Pan India Initiative

ASHOK DAS | Sharad Pendsey



The Need For More Open Access To Specialist Diabetes Foot Care Services: Supported By High Appointment Complexity Score For New Self-Referred Patients.

Daina Walton | E Joseph | M Bates | CA Manu | P Vas | ME Edmonds



Plantar Surgical Approach And Mid Foot Stabilization By External Fixation In Treatment Of Mediotarsal Osteomyelitis In Ulcerated Mid Foot Charcot Neuroarthropaty

Carlo Caravaggi | Adriana Barbara  Sganzaroli | Piero  Gherardi | Roberta De  Prisco | Mariasole Fattori | Daniele Simonetti



Conservative Approach Is A Good Option In Diabetic Foot Surgical Treatment?

Roberto Da Ros | Barbara  Brunato | Cesare Miranda | Roberta Assaloni



Indocyanine Green Fluorescence Angiography In Diabetic Patients With Peripheral Arterial Disease

Zera Abdulvapova | Olga Bondarenko | Gagik Galstyan




Carlo Caravaggi | Adriana Barbara  Sganzaroli | Piero  Gherardi | Roberto Cassino | Mariasole Fattori | Roberta De Prisco



Medium-Term Follow Up In Patients Who Were Performed Curative Surgery In Neuropathic Forefoot Ulcers In Patients With Diabetes Mellitus

Esther Garcia   Morales | José Luis Lázaro | FRANCISCO JAVIER ALVARO AFONSO | Yolanda García Álvarez | Irene Sanz | Raúl Molines Barroso



Diabetic Foot Surgery Performed By Diabetologists In A Third Level Centre: Results Of 15 Years Of Activity.

Chiara Goretti | Elisabetta Iacopi | Alberto Coppelli | Alberto Piaggesi



Estimation Of Wound Healing Possibility (Based On The Number Of Amputations And Mortality Of Patients) In Dependence Of Perfusion In Cases Of Syndrome Of Diabetic Foot.

Maksym Gorobeiko | Oleksandr Larin | Sergii Tarasenko | Svyrydov Mykola



Is The Peripheral Vascular Disease Of Patients Type 2 Diabetes Different From That Of Patients With Type 1 Diabetes?

C.A. Manu | W Tang | J Casey | Maureen Bates | Nina Petrova | Prash Vas | Michael Edmonds



Interobserver Reliability Of The Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI), Toe-Brachial Index  (TBI) And Distal Pulses Palpation In Patients With Diabetes.

FRANCISCO JAVIER ALVARO AFONSO | José Luis Lázaro | Raúl Molines Barroso | Aroa Tardáguila García | Esther Garcia   Morales | Victoria Candelario Poteleschenko



Surgical Outcomes In Patients With Osteomyelitis Located On The Sesamoids Treated By Conservative Surgery. A Technical Propose

Victoria Candelario Poteleschenko | José Luis  Lazaro Martinez | Esther Garcia   Morales | Raúl Molines Barroso | Yolanda García Álvarez | Rebeca Alvarez Madroñal



Evaluation Of The Usage Special Customised Protective Footwear In Preventing Ulcerations And Amputations Of The Lower Extremities In Patients With Neuropathy.

Alexandros Kamaratos | Ilias  Kanellos | Agni  Sakkou | Angeliki Angelidi | Cristos  Tsimpiris | Addo Tesfaye | Solomon  Tesfaye | Xristos  Konstas | Konstantina Tzavella |  Andreas  Melidonis | Georgia  Kaiafa | Cristos Savvopoulos | Apostolos Hatzitolios



Relationship Of Plantar Pressure And Glycemic Control In Type 2 Diabetic Patients With And Without Neuropathy

Rana  El-Hilaly | Mohammed Halawa | Yara Eid | Amr Amer



Which Is The Most Frequently Abnormal Neuropathy Test In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes And Neuropathic Foot Ulcer?

Nikolaos Papanas | Georgia Chatzikosma | Maria Demetriou | Kalliopi Pafili | Dimitrios Papazoglou | Efstratios Maltezos



Neuropathy Is More Common Than Peripheral Vascular Disease Or Deformity As A Risk Factor For Diabetic Foot In Urban Indian Population

Satyan Rajbhandari | Diabetacare  Screeners



Corneal Confocal Microscopy And Cardiovascular Autonomic Function Tests For Detecting Diabetic Neuropathy In Children.

Ekaterina Artemova | Gagik Galstyan | Dmitry Laptev | Ivan Dedov



Effect Of Orthopedic Footwear Concepts On Plantar Pressure Relief And Patient Satisfaction In Patients With Diabetes Mellitus.

Jennefer Zwaferink | H. Berendsen | S.A. Bus



Utility Of Sudomotor Function Test As A Clinical Tool In Risk Stratification System Of Diabetic Patient.

Irene Sanz | José Luis Lázaro | Aroa Tardáguila García | Victoria Candelario Poteleschenko | FRANCISCO JAVIER ALVARO AFONSO | Esther Garcia   Morales



Change In Fat Pad Composition In The Neuropathic Diabetic Foot And It’s Association With Dynamic Plantar Foot Pressure

Sicco Bus | Erik Akkerman | Mario Maas



Complete Wound Healing In A Month And Persisting For 2 Years With The Use Of Autologus Adipocyte Tissue Derived - Mesenchymal Stem Cells In A Non-Healing Diabetic Ulcer. A Case Presentation

Triantafillos Didangelos | Georgios Koliakos | Stamata  Georga | Katerina Kotzampassi | Dimitrios Karamanos | Kokkona Kouzi-Koliakou | Georgios Arsos | Apostolos Hatzitolios



New Possibility To Evaluate Bone Quality In Female With DM2

Tatiana Gracheva | Olga Lesnyak



Relationship Between Inflammatory Markers With Clinical And Histological Presentation Of Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis

Rebeca Alvarez-Madroñal | José Luis Lázaro | Yolanda García Álvarez | Irene Sanz | Aroa Tardáguila García | Victoria Candelario Poteleschenko



Albuminuria As Predictive Risk Factor For Foot Ulceration In Patients With Diabetes Mellitus

Johana Venerova | Libuše Fialová | Marek Malý | Vendula Havrlantová | Jarmila Jirkovská | Lenka Vedralová | Svatopluk Solař | Miroslav Zavoral



Use Of A New  Antibiotic Bone Substitute To Induce Healing Of Osteomyelitis In The Diabetic Foot

Christine  Whisstock | Sasa Ninkovic | Mariagrazia Marin | Marino Bruseghin | Antonio Volpe | Marco Manzi | Luis Mariano Palena | Enrico Brocco



Plasma Levels Of Asymmetric Di Methyl Arginine And Endothelial Dysfunction In Diabetic Subjects With Neuropathic Foot Ulcer

Fady Kyrillos | Mohamed Abdulaziz | Mohamed Motawea | Azza El-Baiomy | Talal Amer | Mamdouh El-Nahas



Expression Of Different Collagen Types In Diabetic Foot Ulcers And Chronic Wounds Of Various Etiology.

Elena Komelyagina | Mikhail Antsiferov | E. A. Kogan | Nikolay Zharkov



Assessment Of Microcirculation In The Foot Of People With Diabetes With Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging

O. A. Mennes | J. J. Van Netten | J. G. Van Baal | W. Steenbergen



Impact Of A Diabetic Foot Ulcer: The Family’s Point Of View

Ying Ying Kong | Eveline  Dirinck | Evelien  Coeckelbergh | Patrick  Lauwers | Saskia  Van Bouwel | Jeroen  Hendriks | Paul  Van Schil | Luc  Van Gaal



Impact Of A Diabetic Foot Ulcer: The Patient’s Point Of View

Evelien  Coeckelbergh | Patrick  Lauwers | Ying Ying  Kong | Eveline  Dirinck | Saskia  Van Bouwel | Jeroen  Hendriks | Paul  Van Schil | Luc  Van Gaal



Acellular Fish Skin Graft’s Structure And Bioactivity Is Better Preserved Compared To Mammalian Derived Scaffolds Due To Less Harsh Processing

Skuli Magnusson | Baldur Tumi Baldursson | Hilmar Kjartansson | Ottar Rolfsson | Gudmundur Fertram Sigurjonsson, Maria Kristinsdottir



The Effectiveness Of VAC-Therapy In Patients With Diabetic Foot

Svyrydov Mykola | Oleksandr Larin | Maksym Gorobeiko | Andriy Golodnikov



Variables Associated To The Impact On The Quality Of Life Of Relative Carers Of Patients With Diabetic Foot Ulcer.

Yolanda García Álvarez | José Luis Lázaro | Esther Garcia   Morales | Irene Sanz | Aroa Tardáguila García | Francisco Javier Alvaro Afonso



Long-Term Results Of Endovascular Therapy In Diabetic Patients With Critical Limb Ischemia.

Anna Gorbacheva | Zera Abdulvapova | Olga Bondarenko | Gagik Galstyan | Ivan Sitkin



Efficacy Of Diabetic Foot Team In Early Treatment Of Limb And Life Threatening Diabetic Foot Infections

Paolo Galenda | Roberto Ferraresi | Sara Madaschi | Annamaria  Maggipinto | Italo Nosari | Nicola Valerio



6-Year Results Of A Diabetic Foot Unit: A Toe-Flow Model.

Jesus Alfayate-Garcia | Juan Pedro Sánchez Ríos | Fernando Criado-Galan | Susana Cancer-Perez | Cristina Garmendia | Leonor Moreno | Luis De Benito-Fernandez