Oral Abstracts



Osteoprotegerin gene polymorphism in Charcot neuroosteoarthropathy

Korzon-Burakowska A., Bruhn-Olszewska B., Jakóbkiewicz-Banecka J., Wêgrzyn G.



Limb salvage with hybrid external/internal fixator in Charcot extreme deformities: ten-years follow-up.

Enrico Brocco, Sasa Ninkovic, Mariagrazia Marin, Christine Whisstock, Andrea Postorino, Andrea Valcarenghi, Filippo Ometto, Davide Varotto and Antonio Volpe.



Reduced quality of life in patients with acute Charcot osteoarthropathy

W Tang, NL Petrova, M Bates, T Jemmott, ME Edmonds



A Bone Scan Score to predict early Charcot arthropathy

Riddhika Chakravartty1, Nina Petrova2, Eleni Kalogianni1, Ron Mistry1, Claire Hooker1, Benjamin Corcoran1, Nicola Mulholland1, Gill Vivian1 and Michael Edmonds2



Novel use of a Dektak 150 profiler unmasks differences in the morphology of resorption pits between control and Charcot patient osteoclasts

NL Petrova1, PK Petrov2, CM. Shanahan3, ME Edmonds1



Are diabetic patients with chronic kidney disease at higher risk for Charcot foot assessed by calcaneal ultrasonometry than patients with neuropathy?

R. Bem, A. Jirkovská, J. Brunová, M. Dubský, V. Fejfarová, M. Schubertová, V. Wosková, S. Kratochvílová  



Serum inflammatory markers in osteomyelitis-a prospective study 

N. Tentolourisa, E. Judeb, C. Liaskosa, M. Michaila, S. Karamagkiolisaa



Does the location of the ulcer affect the interpretation of the probe-to-bone test in the diagnosis of osteomyelitis in diabetic foot ulcers?

Álvaro-Afonso FJ, Lázaro-Martínez JL, Cecilia-Matilla A, Chana-Valero P, Sanz-Corbalán I, Aragón-Sánchez



Clinical variables associated with different type of osteomyelitis in patients with diabetic foot ulcers  

Almudena C. M.



Are shear forces elevated at the foot-ground interface during gait in patients with diabetic neuropathy?

Reeves ND1, Brown SJ1, Handsaker JC1, Bowling FL2 & Boulton AJM2.




Quality of life in patients with and without diabetic foot ulcers assessed by NeuroQol.  

Komelyagina E.U., Antsiferov M.B.*, Uvarova O.M.**  



Foot protection in bed in patients with diabetic pressure ulcers and serious comorbidity.

Anne Rasmussen, Nanne Bonnichsen, Kirsten Engelhard Nielsen, Per Holstein



Peripheral arterial disease in diabetic patients who need a new treatment after first endovascular approach: differences between patients on dialysis and not.

M.Meloni, C.Del Giudice, V. Izzo, V. Da Ros, E. Pampana, V.Ruotolo, L.Giurato, R.Gandini and L.Uccioli



Transcutaneous oximetry is a useful tool to highlight ischemia in different areas of the foot.

Izzo V, Meloni M, Morosetti D., Chiaravalloti A., Fabiano S, Giurato L, Ruotolo V, Gandini R and Uccioli L.



A new model to treat the “diabetic foot attack” by urgent admission to hospital and fast track arterial bypass   

M Edmonds1, J Tremlett1, V Morris1, E Pendry1, I Maharaj2, H Slim2, H  Rashid2,



Sensitivity of transcutaneous oxygen tension pressure and arterial duplex ultrasonography in detection of ischaemia in patients with diabetic foot

J. Jirkovská1, J. Venerová1, J. Skibová2, A. Jirkovská2, L.Fialová1, L.Vedralová1, J.Faltová1, S.Solař1, M. Zavoral1   



Outcomes after PTA of lower limb arteries in diabetic patients with critical limb ischemia

Ayubova N., Bondarenko O., Galstyan G., Sitkin I.



Risk tratification and long term follow-up of a large coorte of diabetic patients followed by Italian outpatient podiatric clinics – APORPIDIA PROJECT

Luigi Uccioli,  Giovanni Federici,

Emanuela D’Ambrogi, Adalberto

Federici , Romina Orsetti, 


Are depression and anxiety risk factors of retarded healing? Results of a 1.5 year prospective observational study

Udovichenko O.1, Maximova N.2, Suchorutchenko M.2,Starostina E.3



Silhouette – a novel 3D wound measurement system

T Jemmott, M Bates, J Lucas, V Vincent, ME Edmonds



Comparison of two different methods of stem cell therapy with conservative treatment in diabetic patients with critical limb ischemia

M. Dubsky1, A. Jirkovska1, R. Bem1, V. Fejfarova1, L. Pagacova1, B. Sixta1, M. Varga1, E. Sykova2



Activated Notch1 signaling has repressive effects on wound healing in diabetes

Xiaowei Zheng1  Vivekananda Gupta Sunkari1 Ileana Ruxandra Botusan1,2 Jacob Grünler1

Anca Irinel Catrina3 Freddy Radtke4  Kerstin Brismar1 Sergiu-Bogdan Catrina1



Reduced TIMP3 expression in ischemic but not neuropathic ulcers from patients with Type 2 Diabetes

E. Vainieri, R. Menghini, V. Casagrande, C. Pecchioli, S. Rizza, R. Lauro, M. Federici, L. Uccioli



Shear Loading in the Diabetic Foot During Level Walking & Stair Climbing

G Cooper1, A Teklemariam1, SJ Brown1, AJM Boulton2, FL Bowling2 & ND Reeves1



Can the length of the first metatarsal predict risk of reulceration in patients that underwent metatarsal resection?

Molines-Barroso RJ, Lázaro-Martínez JL, Aragón-Sánchez J, García-Álvarez Y, Álvaro-Afonso FJ, Cecilia-Matilla A



Impact of Amputation Site on the Risk of Reulceration. A Retrospective Analysis of Ulceration-Free Survival Time


K. Zink1, K. Stumptner2, G. Abendschein2, J. Stumpf3, H. Burgwal3, N. Hermanns1, U. Baum2, P. Baier2, T. Haak



In major amputations diabetes is not a risk factor for short-term mortality or re-amputation.


Kirketerp-Møller, K 


Prize Orals


Prize O1

Reduced incidence of lower-extremity amputations in a Danish diabetes population from 2000 to 2012

Thomas Peter Almdal, Anne Rasmussen, Kristine Færch, Marit Eika Jørgensen


Prize O2

Difference in RANKL serum levels is potential marker of Charcot’s arthropathy

Bruhn-Olszewska B.1, Korzon-Burakowska A.2, Jakóbkiewicz-Banecka J.1, Węgrzyn G


Prize O3

Diagnosis of osteomyelitis superimposed on Charcot osteoarthropathy: value of bone scan, labeled leucocyte scan and MRI

S. Georga1, C.Manes2, D. Skoutas2, V. Nikos1, D. Lo-Presti1, G. Tsiantas2, I. Iakovou1, V. Balaris1, A. Doumas1, N. Karatzas1.



Poster Abstracts



Inflammation markers and neuropathy in type 2 diabetes mellitus

N. Papanas, K. Papatheodorou, D. Papazoglou, K. Pafili, E. Kollia, E. Maltezos



The Role of altered Windlass Mechanism in patients with diabetes and neuropathy with precedents of ulcer in the first metatarsal head

García-Álvarez Y, Lázaro-Martínez JL, García-Morales E, Álvaro-Afonso FJ, Aragón-Sánchez J, Chana-Valero P.



Increased joint range of motion variability during gait in patients with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy

Bowling FL1, Brown SJ2, Handsaker JC2, Boulton AJM1 & Reeves ND2.



Comparison of Screening Modalities for Peripheral Neuropathy in Persons with Diabetes, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

1,2Zulfiqarali G. Abbas, 2Janet K. Lutale, and 3Lennox K. Archibald



Can we replace 128-Hz tuning fork testing by Vibratip®?

M.Garbas, V.Urbancic-Rovan, M. Slak, M. Hohnjec



i-sock and TENS provide good pain relief in painful diabetic neuropathy.

M. Slak1, V. Urbancic-Rovan1, 2



Does the systematically introduction of the DN4 system, scoring painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy, improve the quality of care in a non-academic diabetic centre?

Heyvaert Ilse1, De Windt Chloé1, Dr. De Winter Paul2, Dr. Van Acker Kristien21Podiatrist, 2



Clinical Characteristics of Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis produced due Gram negative and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA).

Lázaro-Martínez JL, Aragón-Sánchez J, García-Morales E, García-Álvarez Y, Cecilia Matilla A, García Klepzig JL.



Factors contributing to clinical outcomes in infected foot: a preliminary analysis from the Portuguese Registry of Infected Diabetic Foot Ulcer

R Carvalho, J Neves, V Marques, MJ Dantas, AL Costa, P Oliveira, J Nascimento, N Candeias, AC Carvalho, J Martins, A Formiga, E Nascimento, and other contributors, on behalf of GEPED (Diabetic Foot Study Group of Portuguese Society of Diabetes)



Moderate to severe diabetic foot infection: data from a Portuguese diabetic foot clinic

M.T.Pereira, S.Garrido, A.C. Carvalho, A.R. Caldas, C. Freitas, C. Amaral, S. Pinto, H. Neto, R. Guimarães, J. Martins, J. Muras, I. Gonçalves, R.







Prevalence of nasal carriage of staphylococcus aureus in osteomyelitis of the diabetic foot

C.V.Loupa1,2, T. Panagea3, E. Voyatzoglou1, A. Donou1, C. Chiotis2,3, M. Fatourou2, G. Kouppari3, M. Lelekis2



Acute infection and rare pathogen.

Grachev Konstantin*, Gracheva Tatiana**,



Can irrigation of infected diabetic foot ulcers with Dermacyn® prior to taking the swab decrease the number of clinically irrelevant microbiological isolates?

V. Urbancic-Rovan1, S.Jeverica2, M. Slak1



Case Report: Bowen's disease masquerading as a diabetic foot ulcer

P Gardiner1, E Haworth1, A Tuthill2



Surgical outpatient management of neuropathic ulcers complicated with osteomyelitis in forefoot

M. Lladó



What brings the future to patients after amputation?

Patrick Lauwers, Bram Balduyck, Evelien Coeckelbergh, Ying-Ying Kong, Jeroen Hendriks, Marjan Hertoghs, Paul Van Schil, Saskia Van Bouwel (*), Luc Van Gaal (**).



Complications of PICC lines to treat diabetic foot infection

I Alejandro, M Bates, T Jemmott, J Tremlett, V Morris, E  Pendry,  ME Edmonds



The use of PICC lines to treat diabetic foot infection and avoid admission to hospital

M Bates, I Alejandro, T Jemmott, ME Edmonds



Assessing the effect of radiological contrast media on renal function & inflammatory markers in people with diabetes

M Baxter, Y Gu, C Gooday, D Morrow, K Dhatariya. Norfolk & Norwich



The comparison of non-invasive vascular tests with angiographic findings

in patients with diabetic foot syndrome

Wosková V., Jirkovská A., Bém R., Dubský M., Fejfarová V., Skibová J.



Validation of an Experimental Wound Model to Assess the Debridement Skills of Podiatrist in the North West of England   

A Jackson1, S Rajbhandari2



Use of a non-electrically powered topical negative pressure device as a bolster for skin grafting: a case report

Adam L. Isaac, Jessica Rose, David G. Armstrong



Diabetic foot ulcers and surgical wound healing: Where is the immunological difference?

Löffler M1,2, Schmohl M3, Schneiderhan-Marra N3, Joos T3, Königsrainer A1, Beckert S1



Determination of the percent area reduction as a prognostic factor for 2, 4 and 6 weeks in the healing of diabetic foot ulcers.

Sanz-Corbalán I, Lázaro-Martínez JL, García-Morales E, García-Álvarez Y, Aragón-Sánchez J, Chana-Valero P.



Stage 4 and 5 chronic kidney disease is also an independent risk factor for foot ulceration and amputation 

J.J. van Netten, ; J. Otte, MD ; A.J. Woittiez.



Sudomotor dysfunction is associated with increased mortality in patients with chronic kidney disease, with or without diabetes mellitus

D.S. Tesic1, N. Papanas2, S. Vodopivec3, B.Malinovic I3.



Renal Function and risk of foot ulceration – a close relationship

Manes, C.



Incidence of Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) in a Diabetic Clinic in Eastern India and risk factors for DFU ( A Retrospective Study

Ghanshyam  Goyal ;   K .Chaki; R Srivastava; S. Mitra ;S Kapoor



Do we know our patients well?

Gracheva Tatiana*, Leonenko Natalya**



Metatarsal heads ulcers in diabetic patients . Retrospective study

Viadé,J (1),Royo,J (2),Anglada,J(3),Reverter,J(1),Rodríguez A(4),Mauricio,D(1),Puig,M(1)



Clinical outcomes of patients with diabetes undergoing a lower limb angiogram in 2009 & 2010 – a 1 year follow up study.

K Dhatariya, Y Gu, C Gooday, D Morrow



Feasibility of an External Second Opinion before Major Amputation in People with Diabetic Foot Syndrome and first results.

Dirk Hochlenert1, Gerald Engels2, Stephan Hinzmann3, Payam Ardjomand4, Matthias Riedel5, Stephan Schneider2



Long-term outcome of foot ulcer in diabetic patients with peripheral arterial disease

Targ Elgzyri1, Jan Larsson2, Johan Thörne3, Karl-Fredrik Eriksson4, and Jan Apelqvist1



Can we predict outcomes in diabetic foot osteomyelitis?

P Zeun, GM Price, C Gooday, KK Dhatariya



A survey on use of the Texas Wound Classification System in subjects attending a hospital diabetic foot clinic.

J Bujanova¹, J Beavis², D.V. Coppini¹¹



Clinical characteristics of patients with diabetes-related foot complications and results of their treatment in surgical department of city hospital of Cherepovets

Mekhova.N*, Bregovskii V***



Assessing the economic impact of a podiatrist – analysis of clinic activity after temporary loss of 50% of the podiatrists from a tertiary specialist foot clinic

C Gooday, R Murchison, K Dhatariya



Transformation of the Foot Clinic into a Multidisciplinary Diabetic Foot Day Centre for Foot Attack: results from a service evaluation

CA Manu, OG Mustafa, BC Whitelaw, M Bates



Mid-term results of a diabetic foot unit: a multidisciplinary approach

Sanchez Rios JP, Alfayate Garcia JM, De Benito Fernández L, Cancer Perez S, Criado Galan F, Puras Mallagray E.



A Study of Inpatient Care of Patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcers in a District

 General Hospital

K. Tofeec, O. Anyiam, E. Jude Tameside



Development of a Podiatry Led GP Diabetic Foot Screening Service In Central Lancashire

Susan Popadiuk Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (LCFT) Preston UK, Satyan Rajbhandari Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust(LTHFT) Preston UK,Jennifer Spragg LCFT Preston UK



Foot clinics in Czech Republic

Pithova P, Hellerova P, Kvapil M Teaching



Wound healing and recurrence of lesions in patients with diabetic foot ulcers in a tertiary center

Julia K. Mader1, Almira Dolic1, Waltraud Haas1, Thomas R. Pieber1,2, Gerlies Treiber11




Secondary podiatric prevention a so forgotten issue and probably one of the most important measures to prevent recurrences of diabetic foot ulcerations. A Case Report

De Windt Chloé1, Heyvaert Ilse1, Dr. De Winter Paul2, Dr. Van Acker Kristien2  1Podiatrist, 2



Necrotic-purulent forefoot lesion in diabetic foot:  how  to stop the ascending of suppurative process  to tibia

R.M.Parhimovich, V.T.Krivikhin, M.Je. Jelisejeva, A.V. Tchernobay 



Macrovascular complications and risk factors: coexistence in patients with diabetic foot and their role in pathogenesis and severity

D. Skoutas1, N. Papanas2, S. Georga3, G.S. Georgiadis4, I. Katsanos5, V. Souftas6, E. Mouza4, E. Maltezos2, M.K. Lazarides4, Ch. Manes1



A rare case of diabetic foot ulcer – ulcerated gout, a diagnostic challenge

W. Crasto, Kaustubh Nisal, Mary Quinn, Rajesh Jogia



Correlation between diabetic retinopathy and severity of peripheral artery disease in type 2 diabetic patients with foot lesions.

Elisabetta Iacopi1, Rosa Giannarelli2, Alberto Coppelli1, Loredana Rizzo1, Michele Aragona2, Irene Bargellini3, Chiara Mattaliano1, Antonio Cicorelli3, Roberto Cioni3 and Alberto Piaggesi1.



Is the neuropathy degree an influence for the plantar fascia thickness?

Tardáguila-García A, Lázaro-Martínez JL, Sanz-Corbalán I, García-Morales E, Aragón-Sánchez J, García-Álvarez Y



Validity of the paper grip test to assess muscle strength in people with Type 2 diabetes

A. Healy1, R. Naemi1, L. Sundar2, 3, N. Chockalingam1, T. Revathi2, 3, C. Seeli Abraham2, 3, C. Snehalatha2, 3 and A. Ramachandran2,



Reduction in hospital-acquired diabetes foot lesions using the Ipswich

Touch Test


G Rayman, A Scott, S Mitchell, CD Kerry, and S Sharma.




A Red Hot and Swollen Foot, Not Always a Charcot Arthropathy or Infection

RM Jogia, S Jackson, R. Berrington, K. Nisal



Which shoes prefer diabetic patients with Charcot foot?

A.Demina1, V.Bregovskiy1, T.Tsvetkova2 and I.Karpova3,



Analysis of risk factors in diabetic neurophatic Osteoarthropathy (DNOA)

García-Morales E, Lázaro-Martínez JL, Aragón-Sánchez J, Sanz-Corbalán I, Molinés-Barroso RJ, Álvaro-Afonso FJ




Successful Combination of Conservative Therapy and Rehabilitation of Patient with Active Charcot Osteoarthropathy in Both Lower Limbs


J.Venerová¹, M.Jarůšková², J. Jirkovská¹, L. Fialová¹, L.Vedralová¹, J.Faltová¹, S. Solař¹, M. Zavoral¹




Bone mineral density as a predictor of Charcot arthropathy in type 2 diabetes  

Yara.M.Eid, Mona.M.Abdelsalam, Hussein.El Orab, Heba .A.Marzouk



Non-removable plastic tag:  a psychological tool in improving compliance with DH walker

Spragg J1; Spratt J1; Armstrong J1; Steel G2; Rajbhandari SM2



The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) and diabetic foot ulcers: the orthotist’s perspective

Gustav Jarl




Insufficient adherence to wearing prescription footwear for secondary prevention: our experience

Miranda C¹, Da Ros R², Zanette G¹.



Biomechanical changes in patients with diabetes during follow up

V. Bregovskiy1, T.Tsvetkova2, A.Demina3



An innovative instrumental protocol to objectively test Diabetic footwear prescriptions in a clinical setting by using the Pedar system.

C. Giacomozzi1, L. Uccioli2



A protocol for the evaluation of the diabetic foot, the D-Foot protocol for orthotists

Ulla Hellstrand Tang1, Kerstin Hagberg1,Jacqueline Siegenthaler2, Johan Simonsson3, Roland Zügner1, Roy Tranberg1


Poster Prize


Prize P1

Outcome of Diabetic Charcot Foot in Egypt -Prospective Study   

Gawish H, State O, Motawea M, Kyrillos F, Tarshoby M and El-Nahas M.


Prize P2

Abnormalities of the muscles in diabetic foot - a morphological and immunohistochemical study  

Raluca Maria Popescu1, Eduard Lucian Catrina2, Mihaela Vilcu2, Alina Delia Popa1 C. Cotutiu1 


Prize P3

Acute infections in diabetic foot: bacteriological diagnosis and empirical antibiotic

Da Ros R1, Fontana F2, Miranda C3, Assaloni R1, Brunato B1, Borga S2, Tortul C1, Colonna A4