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Oral Abstracts
O1 Notch signaling is activated in diabetes and contributes to defective wound healing S.-B. Catrina, K. Brismar, V.G. Sunkari, I. Botusan, X. Zheng, J. Grunler
O2 Characterization of the Diabetic Foot Ulcer Microenvironment by Assessment of Wound Fluid Cytokines, Chemokines and Soluble Receptors Löffler M, Schmohl M, Schneiderhan-Marra N, Joos T, Königsrainer A, Beckert S
O3 Stromal cell- derived factor (SDF-1 β) gene polymorphism and their association with DFU: An Asian Indian population study  Vijay Viswanathan, Dhamodharan U, Ezhilarasi K, Parthiban M, Indira Padmalayam, RamaRajaram    
O4 The association of A3872G CRP gene polymorphism on hs-CRP levels and diabetic foot in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Stavroula Papaoikonomou, Nicholas Tentolouris, Dimitris Tousoulis, Dimitris Papadodiannis, Antigoni Miliou, George Hatzis, Nicholas Papageorgiou, Christodoulos Stefanadis
O5 Comparison of nanofibers scaffolds and acellular porcine dermis in wound healing – experimental study M. Dubský, A. Jirkovská, S. Kubinová, J. Sirc, L. Voska, V. Fejfarová, R. Bém, J. Michálek, V. Holán, E. Syková
O6 Wound healing rate is not impaired in mice with deficiency of liver-derived insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) I.R. Botusan, V.G. Sunkari, J. Grunler, J. Svensson, J.-O. Jansson, C. Ohlsson, K. Brismar, S.B. Catrina
O7 Outcomes after PTA in diabetic patients with Critical Limb Ischemia according to Chronic Kidney Disease classes L.Giurato, R. Gandini, M.Meloni E. Pampana, V.Ruotolo, V. Izzo, S.Fabiano, C. Del Giudice and L.Uccioli
O8 Skin perfusion pressure: an important predictor of lower limb ischemia in the renal failure population. N.J Jones,  I Mathieson,  K Morris,  S.G Riley
O9 Outcomes after PTA in ESRD Diabetic Patients M. Meloni, R. Gandini L. Giurato, E. Pampana, V. Ruotolo, V. Izzo, S. Fabiano,
C. Del Giudice and L. Uccioli
O10 Percutaneous Recanalization in Diabetic Patients with Critical Limb Ischemia:  Comparison between Angiographic and Clinical Results according to three different Classification Systems Elisabetta Iacopi, Irene Bargellini, Alberto Coppelli, Rosa Cervelli, Loredana Rizzo, Roberto Cioni and Alberto Piaggesi
O11 The Effect of Beraprost Sodium on Peripheral Atherosclerosis and MMP-9, VEGF in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients Yin JY,  Yang C,Luo HC, Liang JQ, Fu L, Yan L
O12 The Tibial Arterial Calcification as a Predictor of Amputations and Outcomes of Endovascular Procedure in Diabetic Patients with Critical Limp Ischemia Ayubova N., Bondarenko O., Galstyan G., Manchenko O., Sitkin I.
O13 Health-related quality of life predicts major amputation and death, but not healing in people presenting with diabetic foot ulcers; the Eurodiale study M. Kars, V. Siersma, H. Thorsen, P. Holstein
O14 The relative importance of multifactorial causes of low health-related quality of life in people with newly diagnosed diabetic foot ulcers; the Eurodiale study V. Siersma, H. Thorsen, P. Holstein
O15 Hemoglobin A1C and prolonged QTc time as risk factors for all-cause mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes and foot ulcers Katarina Fagher, Magnus Löndahl
O16 Limb Salvage with Szme Amputation:  Experience in 54 cases Robert G. Frykberg, Christopher Werner, Edward Tierney and Arthur Tallis
Carl T. Hayden
O17 Ozone and maggot therapy acutely eliminate bacteria strains in patients with infected diabetic foot ulcers R. Bem, A. Jirkovská, V. Fejfarová, M. Dubský, V. Wosková, J. Skibová
O18 Immune Functions in Patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcers Infected especially by Resistant
V. Fejfarová, A. Jirkovská, M. Dubský, M. Kučerová, J. Vydláková, A. Sekerková, J. Franeková, Z. Hunal, R. Bém, V. Wosková, J. Skibová
O19 Evaluation of SPECT/CT as a new imaging technique in patients with diabetic foot infections Patrick Lauwers, Dianne Mortelmans, Ivan Huyghe, Marieke Trongthiang,
Jeroen Hendriks, Marjan Hertoghs, Paul Van Schil, Saskia Van Bouwel,
Nancy Bolsens, Luc Van Gaal, Sigrid Stroobants
O20 What happens to diabetic patients who are admitted to hospital with foot infection and what determines their outcome? M Edmonds, J Tremlett, V Morris, R Patel
O21 Three-steps surgical intervention for calcaneal osteomyelitis: an useful tool to prevent limb amputations. Enrico Brocco, Sasa Ninkovic, Mariagrazia Marin, Christine Whisstock, Filippo Ometto, Nelson Ojeda
O22 Adherence to foot care behavior in different diabetic foot risk groups. Komelyagina E.U., Uvarova O.M., Antsiferov M.B.
O23 Adherence to wearing prescribed custom-made footwear in diabetic patients with a history of plantar ulceration R. Waaijman, R. Keukenkamp, M. de Haart, W.P. Polomski, F. Nollet and S.A. Bus
O24 The effectiveness of offloading-improved custom-made footwear on plantar foot ulcer recurrence in diabetic patients: a multicenter randomized controlled trial S.A. Bus, M.L. Arts, R. Waaijman, M. de Haart, T.E. Busch-Westbroek, J.G. van Baal, and F. Nollet
O25 Role of clinically available magnetic resonance spectroscopy in the quantitative assessment of disease activity in patients with acute Charcot neuroarthropathy Luigi Uccioli, Francesca Bolacchi, Valeria Ruotolo, Eleonora Baffari, Elenia Cinelli, Marco Meloni and Alberto Bergamini


Improvement of Diabetic Foot Care:Results of a 7-Year Prospective Study from the Implementation to a Global Approach R. Anichini , A. Tedeschi, L.Butelli, T.Breschi, M. Gioffredi, R. Gori, R. Picciafuochi,
S. Baroncelli, A.Bernini, L.Barbanera, S. Viti  and  A. De Bellis
Prize Orals
Prize O1 The association of the IL6174GC polymorphism with diabetic neuropathy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus Nicholas Tentolouris, Stavroula Papaoikonomou, Dimitris Tousoulis, Dimitris Papadodiannis, Antigoni Miliou, George Hatzis, Nicholas Papageorgiou, Christodoulos Stefanadis2
Prize O2 The proinflammatory cytokine TNF-α modifies the resorptive behaviour of newly generated osteoclasts in vitro from patients with acute Charcot osteoarthropathy NL Petrova, PK Petrov, C Shanahan, ME Edmonds
Prize O3 Intravenous antimicrobial therapy of diabetic foot ulcers: An effective outpatient program in Tanzania Zulfiqarali G. Abbas, Janet K. Lutale, and Lennox K. Archibald
Prize O4 A new natural history of Charcot foot: clinical evolution and final outcome of Stage 0 Charcot’s Neuroarthropathy in a tertiary care foot clinic. F-18 FDG PET/TC scan: a useful tool in diagnosis and follow-up of acute Charcot foot.  Ruotolo V, Giurato L, Meloni M, Masala S, Schillaci O, Bergamini A, DiPietro B, Izzo V, Uccioli L
Poster Abstracts
P1 The Role of EPA Detection in the Management of Chronic Diabetic Wounds: Preliminary Study. A.Tedeschi, A.De Bellis, S.Baroncelli, A.Bernini, L.Barbanera, R.Anichini
P2 The treatment of chronic diabetic heel ulcers with synthetic graft application A Bateman, V Morris, W Tang, J Tremlett, V Kavarthapu, ME Edmonds
P3 Plantar fascia fibroma lesion confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging in diabetic foot  R. Kerpe, R. Gleizniene, H. Jäger
P4 Heel Ulcers in Diabetes Heal C Slawinski, S Gurung, S M Rajbhandari
P5 Advanced tissue technology for wound healing in cases of Diabetic Foot Syndrome N.V. Svyrydov, S.V. Bolgarska
P6 Tissue Classification and a Volumetric Model of the Foot from Magnetic Resonance Imaging Vaeggemose M, Ringgaard S, Blankholm A, Fleischer J, Ejskjaer N.
P7 Acute diabetic foot infections: two years experience of a Diabetic Foot Center A. Da Porto, R. Da Ros, R. Assaloni, C. Miranda, B. Brunato, S. Carlucci, S. Borga, C. Tortul, F. Fontana
P8 Analysis of wound cultures from infected diabetic foot ulcers. Bublik E., Sidorova U., Morozova O.A., Maksimova N., Volovik A., Zemlyanoy A. B.
P9 The value of deep operative specimens and blood cultures in the assessment of infected diabetic feet. S Bradford, A Bateman, I Kubelka, J Tremlett, V Kavarthapu, ME Edmonds
P10 Epidemiological survey of microbiological profile of diabetic foot infection in an outpatient Diabetes center in Portugal. The role of potentially multiresistant bacteria.  A.L. Costa, Z. Peerally, N. Pedroso, R. Oliveira, J. Raposo
P11 Antimicrobial treatment of the diabetic foot Daniela Jardan, Ion Balica, Eduard Bernaz, Oleg Contu, Igor Bernaz
P12 Pilot Study on the effect of Daptomycin on IL-6, MMP-9 and TIMP-1 in patients with MRSA-infected diabetic foot stage 2 and 3 W. Hanel, A. Ambrosch, R. Lobmann
P13 A drop in haemoglobin during treatment with linezolid. More common than we thought! Deborah Modha, Giuditta Sanna, Rachel Berrington, Steve Jackson, Katherine Higgins, Marie-France Kong
P14 Decrease in prevalence of clindamycin resistant Staphylococcus aureus after implementation of antibiotic regime. Lisanne Jonker, Tessa E Busch-Westbroek, Arianne C van Bon
P15 Assessment of signs of foot infection using photographic foot imaging in diabetic patients with clinical suspicion of infection. C.E.V.B. Hazenberg, J.J. van Netten, J.G. Van Baal, S.A. Bus
P16 Could be coagulase-negative Staphylococcus a causative pathogen of chronic osteomyelitis in patients with diabetic foot? Wosková V., Jirkovská A., Bém R., Dubský M., Fejfarová V., Sixta B.1, Petkov V.
P17 Vascular, sensory and renal function in patients attending community-based foot screening: results from the West of Ireland Diabetes Foot Study L. Hurley, A.P. Garrow, L. Kelly, L.G. Glynn, S.F. Dinneen
P18 Fluctuating sensorimotor responses in routine foot screening assessments results from the West of Ireland Diabetes Foot Study Garrow AP, Hurley L, Kelly L, Glynn LG, McIntosh C, Dinneen SF
P19 Surgical treatment of the suppurative-necrotic focus in neuropathic diabetic foot. Eduard  Bernaz, Ion Balica, Oleg Contu, Ruslan Cemirtan, Igor Bernaz, Daniela Jardan
P20 Analysis of several factors affecting the result of free flap transfer in the treatment of necrotizing soft tissue defect in diabetic foot Baek-kyu Kim, Kyoung Min Lee, Taeseung Lee
P21 Reduced well-being index in patients with diabetic foot, especially in those with neuroischaemic ulcer: A pilot study N. Papanas, C. Monastiriotis, G.S. Georgiadis, E. Georgakarakos,
M.K. Lazarides, E. Maltezos

P22 An innovative use of limb prosthetic gel to manage Diabetic Foot Pressure C. Giacomozzi, E. D’Ambrogi, L. Uccioli
P23 Efficacy of Marteeni cast in diabetic heel ulcers M. Sukhorutchenko, N. Maximova, O. Udovichenko
P24 Perceived usability of therapeutic footwear in diabetic patients with neuropathy and prior foot ulceration M.L.J. Arts, M. de Haart, J.P.J Bakker, H.G.A. Hacking, S.A. Bus and F. Nollet
P25 Admission avoidance by introduction of a home intravenous antibiotic service Rachel Berrington, Danielle Bruce, Deborah Modha, Rajesh Jogia, Marie-France Kong
P27 Diabetes care educational programme impact on HbA1c, diabetic foot knowledge and care Lemos E, Monteiro-Soares M, Melo G, Távora A, Sobral J, Duarte I, Guerra C, Matias D, Dias I, Ribeiro M, Oliveira MJ
P28 To see the footprint of the patient - how diabetes patients experience the first consultation at the diabetic foot clinic. A qualitative study. Ulla Scheving, Inger Vestergaard Kristensen,
Edith Mark

P29 Lower limb amputation in Northern Netherlands: incidence and mortality L. Fortington, G. Rommers, K. Postema, J. van Netten, J. Geertzen, P. Dijkstra
P30 Low Major Amputation rate and low Recurrence in Networks for Treatment of the DFS D. Hochlenert, G. Engels
P31 Obstacles and rewards in establishing a multidisciplinary amputation unit Karen Mygind, Klaus Kirketerp-Møller
P32 Diabetic Foot Surgery Performed by Diabetologist in a Third-Level Centre:  Results of Ten Years of Activity Alberto Coppelli, Chiara Goretti, Elisabetta Iacopi, Alessia Scatena, Valerio Vallini, Loredana Rizzo, Alberto Piaggesi
P33 The Incidence of Lower Extremity Amputations due to Diabetic Foot Disease in Two Saudi Arabian Sister Hospitals F  L Bowling, M Malone, A A Gannass, A J M Boulton
P34 Functional outcome of patients undergoing major amputation for disease of the foot in diabetes G VonFragstein, F Game
P35 Multidisciplinary foot clinic reduces diabetic lower limb amputation but can not prevent it completely Ushank Ranasinghe, Michael Sullivan, Rochana Jayatilake, Ansy Egun, Satyan Rajbhandari
P36 Surprisingly high prevalence of depression and anxiety in diabetic patients with lower extremity pains Udovichenko O.
P37 Podiatric Needs and Associations of Patients with Diabetes on Renal Replacement Therapy Gardiner P, Tuthill A
P38 Depression and anxiety prevalence in patients of diabetic foot care department Galkina N, Selvester D, Udovichenko O
P39 Does glycemic control have indeed an impact on the advancement of diabetic neuropathy in patients with long term established diabetes? Piotr Dziemidok, Grzegorz Szcześniak, Ewa Kostrzewa-Zabłocka,  Piotr Paprzycki
P40 PAID and WHO-5 are valuable tools to disclose problem areas in poorly controlled diabetes patients with foot complications Glindorf, M, K, Rasmussen, A, Christensen, U.B, Rytter, K
P41 Geometric parameters based on plantar pressure measurements in patients with diabetes T.Tsvetkova, V.Bregovskiy
P42 Sequestrectomy in diabetic foot osteomyelitis Da Ros R, Fontana F, Miranda C, Assaloni R, Brunato B, Tortul C, Colonna A
P43 Validation of different clinical diagnostic test diagnostic for osteomyelitis    García-Morales E, Lázaro-Martínez JL , Aragón-Sánchez FJ, Hernández-Herrero MJ
P44 The Outcome of the Charcot Foot in a tertiary centre in Austria in the years 2005-2010. Gerd Koehler, Wolfgang Schrenk, Waltraud Haas, Julia Mader, Vera Horki, Martin Tauschmann, Gerlies Bock, Thomas Pieber
P45 Different patterns of the Charcot foot in a out-patient diabetic cohort V.Bregovskiy, A.Demina, I.Karpova
P46 Long term outcomes of Charcot neuroarthropathy (CNA) D Khan, EB Jude
P47 Impact of yoga-based lifestyle intervention for distal symmetric polyneuropathy associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus Ashok Kumar Das, Nishanth Sampath, Madanmohan Trakroo, Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, Senthil Kumar Subramanian, Ramkumar Thiyagarajan
P48 Calcification  of  peripheral  arteries  in    long  standing  diabetes  (>10  years  duration) and its  correlation with  coronary  artery  disease. Dr Ghanshyam Goyal, Dr K Chaki, Dr A K Jain,S Kapoor, R Srivastava
P49 Revascularization is important in patients with neuroischemic diabetic ulcers Pithova P, Galandakova I, Hellerova P, Kvapil M
P50 Are transcutaneous oxygen tension (TcPO2) measurements reproducible? – and is TcPO2 and Toe Blood Pressure (TBP) good to predict the risk of amputation for diabetic patients with foot ulcers? Nielsen, A.M. . Lauridsen, Jørgen T.
P51 Screening for peripheral arterial disease in diabetes  I.Eleftheriadou, P.Grigoropoulou, V.Argiana, I.Balla, A.Kokkinos, D.Perrea, N.Katsilambros, N.Tentolouris
P52 Evaluation of Neuropad in patients with end-stage renal disease under haemodialysis or with renal transplantation DS Tesic, N Papanas, S Vodopivec, L Petrovic, I  Mitic


The role of physical activity in rehabilitation to modify the risk of foot problems in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Meana-Esteban, A, Price, P, van Deursen, R.W.M.
P54 Screening for neuropathy – do additional testing methods make sense? V. Urbancic-Rovan, M. Slak M, M. Hohnjec M
LP3 Clinical characteristics and medical costs of diabetic patients with amputation at central urban hospitals in China WANG Aihong, XU Zhangrong, JI Linong
Prize Posters
Prize P1 The association between specific somatosensory loss and deterioration of balance in individuals with diabetes mellitus Fedorova OS, Gurieva IV, Strokov IA, Ahmedzhanova LT, Kokhnenko LV
Prize P2 Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) in South India - The urban vs. rural divide Bhavana Sosale, Y J V Reddy, M V Nagbhushana, S R Aravind
Prize P3 Wound swabs and bone biopsy in diabetic foot osteomyelitis. Malone M, Pervez F, Gannass A, Bowling F, Boulton AJM
Prize P4 Limitations of Transcutaneous Oximetry in the Evaluation of Vascular Status in Diabetic Patients with Critical Limb Ischemia Before and After Endovascular Treatment Bondarenko O., Ayubova N., Galstyan G., Sitkin I.
Oral Posters
OP1 Using diabetic foot ulcer development risk stratification systems for the wound healing prediction  Monteiro-Soares M, Mendes D, Guimarães R, Lemos E, Távora A, Sobral J, Duarte I, Campos-Lemos J, Brandão D, Madureira M, Ribeiro M, Oliveira MJ
OP2 Foot-Ground Interaction during walking and stair negotiation in people with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy Reeves ND, Brown SJ, Handsaker JC, Maganaris CN, Bowling FL, Boulton AJM
OP3 Epidemiology of   sudomotor dysfunction and relationship to overall nerve damage in type 2 diabetic patients. A multicenter study. Manes Christos, Papanas Nikolaos, Exiara Triada, Papantoniou Stefanos, Kirlaki Evridiki, Tsotoulidis Stefanos, Kefalogiannis Nikolaos, Maltezos Efstratios
OP4 Efficacy of Chopart amputation in the treatment of severe ischemic and infected diabetic foot Paolo Galenda, Monica Balaudo, Fosca Bona, M.Sole Fattori, Piero Gherardi, Adriana B. Sganzaroli, Daniele Simonetti, Carlo MF Caravaggi
OP5 LeucoPatch™ seems to improve healing of diabetic foot ulcers – outcome from an open multicenter clinical study Magnus Löndahl, Bo Jørgensen, Lise Tarnow, Anna Marie Nielsen, Morten Michelsen, Anders Nilsson, Mariusz Zakrzewski, Tonny Karlsmark
OP6 Eight year outcomes of a consecutive single centre series of patients presenting with osteomyelitis of the foot in diabetes F Game, WJ Jeffcoate
OP7 Time of healing foot ulcers among patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes have decreased in the period 2002-2010 Rasmussen A, Nielsen A, Almdal T.P, Nielsen K.E, Bjerre-Christensen U, Holstein P
Oral Case Reports
OCR1 Important lessons from a rare case of Charcot osteoarthropathy of the wrist in a diabetic patient with bilateral Charcot feet E Izadi, ME Edmonds, V Kavarthapu, G Vivian, D Elias, NL Petrova, J Compson
OCR2 Healing of diabetic defect in patient with PAD and deficiency in Hageman factor (FXII) J.Venerova, J. Jirkovska, L. Fialova, S. Solar, M. Zavoral
OCR3 Mycotic infection in protracted diabetic foot ulcer Z Htike, R Jogia, D Modha, R Berrington, D Bruce, S Jackson, M-F Kong
OCR4 Digital gangrene and delayed wound healing following amputation in a diabetic foot may not be diabetes-related. Rajesh Rajendran, Sharon Tuck, Kerry Collins, Richard Hull, Darryl Meeking

Poster Case Reports
PCR1 Severe back pain after below knee amputation- not always mechanical! R.M. Manikandan, P.Flanagan, S.J. Davies, D.V. Coppini
PCR2 Use of High Purity Calcium Sulphate impregnated with Vancomycin and Gentamycin in an effort to salvage the 1st ray in a gentleman with osteomyelitis. R M Jogia, M Quinn, MF Kong, K Higgins, S Jackson, D Modha, R Berrington, G Sanna
PCR3 Quick healing of a neuropathic diabetic foot ulcer after resection-arthroplasty in a case of a patient incompliant with off-loading L. Havekes, R.M. The, J.G. van Baal, Jaap J. van Netten
PCR4 Potential Pitfalls During Pregnancy with Diabetic Neuropathy J Spratt, S M Rajbhandari
PCR5 Looking for Integrated Diabetic Foot Care Clinic. Skin Problems in the Stump of Lower
Limb Amputee:

Sayed Massry, Aly Elsayad, Wesam Hassan, Ibrahim El-Shawaf
How an asymptomatic peripheral arterial occlusive disease breaked out in a diabetic patient and was treated Isabelle GOT, Anna Kearney-Schwartz, Julien Mathias, Othman Hassani
PCR7 Battling on after 8 years of Charcot arthropathy and osteomyelitis - patient’s choice. Kaustubh Nisal, Rajesh Jogia, Rachel Berrington, Danielle Bruce, Steve Jackson, Deborah Modha,  Marie-France Kong
PCR8 Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy as additional treatment option in a patient with chronic refractory osteomyelitis Dianne Mortelmans, Marieke Trongthiang, Patrick Lauwers, Sonja Vlaeyen,
Saskia Van Bouwel, Nancy Bolsens, Luc Van Gaal