0-1 Diabetic foot infection and inflammatory markers – does it make sense? M. Hohnjec, V. Urbančič-Rovan, M. Slak
0-2 Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis can be successfully treated with antibiotics S Acharya, M Soliman, A Egun, SM Rajbhandari
0-3 Main predictors for reccurence of diabetic foot ulcers: infection-related factors and diabetes control M. Dubský, A. Jirkovská, R. Bém, V. Fejfarová, V. Wosková, J. Skibová
0-4 Clindamycin resistant Staphylococcus aureus in diabetic foot ulcers in a multidisciplinary foot clinic M.V. Regeer, , A.C. van Bon, T.E. Busch-Westbroek, C. van Schie
0-5 Pharmacokinetics of Fosfomycin measured by in vivo microdialysis in metatarsal bone of patients with osteomyelitis and diabetic foot infections M.V. Schintler, F. Traunmüller, J. Metzler, G. Kreuzwirt, S. Spendel, M. Popovic, O. Maurice, E. Scharnagl, C. Joukhadar
0-6 Wound lactate concentration: a biochemical marker suitable for diagnosing soft tissue infection in diabetic foot ulcers? Löffler M, Zieker D, Weinreich J, Simonys S, Königsrainer A, Beckert S
0-7 The role of the proinflammatory cytokine TNF-α in acute Charcot osteoarthropathy NL Petrova, C Moniz, G Mabilleau, A Sabokbar, ME Edmonds
0-8 Methods for Early Diagnosis of Charcot Foot Uccioli L, Schillaci O, Masala S, Ruotolo V, Giurato L, Spasaro F, Vainieri E, Modugno M
0-9 Correction of deformity in the neuropathic foot including Charcot deformity leads to rapid healing of chronic ulcers in the diabetic foot  M Bates, O Ahmed, K Sharif, V Kavarthapu, ME Edmonds
0-10 The mortality of patients presenting to a single specialist centre with acute Charcot foot is similar to a control group presenting with neuropathic foot ulceration. Juliette Van Baal, Fran Game, William Jeffcoate
0-11 Is  Charcot’s disease a primarily inflammatory condition? KM Pickwell, M van Kroonenburg, RE Weijers, P van Hirtum, MS Huijberts, NC Schaper
0-12 New quantitative bone scan parameters for the assessment of bone turnover activity in patients with Charcot foot R. Bem, A. Jirkovská, V. Fejfarová, M.Buncová, J. Skibová, M. Dubský
0-13 Effects of simulated minor leg-length discrepancy on plantar pressure distribution in diabetic patients with neuropathic foot ulceration Mamdouh El-Nahas, Hanan Gawish, Manal Tarshoby and Omnia State Diabetic Foot Team
0-14 Can we find clinical features increasing the suspicion of malignancy in the diabetic foot? T. Katsaros,   P. Panagiotou, C. Manes,  J. Androulakis, C. Karaisaridis, S. Kotsogiannis, A. Christophelis, K. Dimitriou, G. Piaditis
0-15 First experience with different methods of stem cell therapy in patients with ischemic diabetic foot Jirkovská A., Dubský M., Bém R., Pagáčová L., Sixta B., Varga M., Kožnar B., Syková E., Langkramer S.
0-16 Beneficial effect of HBOT on healing of chronic foot ulcers in patients without critical ischemia M. Löndahl,  P. Katzman, A. Nilsson, C. Hammarlund
0-17 HIF-1alpha is repressed in diabetes and it is an important pathogenic mechanism for diabetic ulcers  Sergiu-Bogdan Catrina, Ileana Ruxandra Botusan, Vivekananda Gupta Sunkari, Octavian Savu, Kerstin Brismar ,  
0-18 Clinical Results of a prevention model in a Podiatry Diabetic Foot Unit. A 5 years follow-up study. Lázaro-Martínez JL, García-Morales E, Aragón-Sánchez FJ, Quintana-Marrero Y
0-19 The effectiveness of the “Step by Step” foot care project in reducing rates of amputation among persons with diabetes-associated foot ulcers, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania  Zulfiqarali G. Abbas, Janet K. Lutale, and Lennox K. Archibald
0-20 Complications After Ankle Fracture Due to Diabetes Mellitus Tyson Green, DPM, Lawrence Lavery, DPM, MPH, Jason DeDoes, DPM
0-21 Diabetic foot disease and reduction of major amputations in Italy: results of an Italian 5-year study (2001-2005).  R.Anichini, F. Lombardo, A. DeBellis, C.Caravaggi,M. Maggini
0-22 Serum levels of osteoprotegerin are raised in diabetic peripheral neuropathy and are significantly correlated with peripheral arterial calcification  ME Edmonds, A Korzon-Burakowska, R Saldana Chaparro, T Dew, S Stock, C Moniz, NL Petrova
0-23 Achilles Tendon Volume in Type 2 Diabetic Patients with or without Peripheral Neuropathy:  MRI Study N. Papanas, N. Courcoutsakis, K. Papatheodorou, G. Daskalogiannakis, E. Maltezos, P. Prassopoulos
0-24 Remote areas of bone marrow oedema identified by magnetic resonance imaging in feet of subjects with diabetes presenting with neuropathic lesions are common but do not predict future Charcot neuroarthropathy J Valabhji, E Hui, C Thorning, PA Tyler, EA Dick, WMW Gedroyc
0-25 Association between the abnormal test of sudomotor function (Neuropad®) and markers on increased cardiovascular risk and the chronic complications of diabetes D.S. Tesic, V. Popovic, J. Novakovic-Paro, B. Vukovic, P.  Pantelinac
Prize 01 Differences in minor amputation rates in European diabetic foot centres are largely explained by differences in disease severity at presentation P. van Battum, N. Schaper, L.Prompers, I. Ferreira, M. Huijberts, on behalf of the Eurodiale consortium
Prize 02 Impact of implementing guidelines on microbiology and costs of diabetic foot ulcers: A prospective study (2003-2007) Richard JL, Sotto A, Jourdan N, Schuldner S, Bouziges N, Lavigne JP
Prize 03 Optimising the offloading properties of the total contact cast Lindy Begg, Joshua Burns
Prize 04 The course of long-term off-loading therapy by TCC and RCW in patients with more severe diabetic foot ulcers V. Fejfarová, A. Jirkovská, R. Bém, M. Dubský, V. Wosková, J. Skibová

Oral Posters

OP-2 Reliability and validity of in-shoe plantar pressure data in diabetic patients: recommendations for use in clinical practice and research  M.L.J. Arts, S.A. Bus 
OP-3 Complications associates to primary closure in surgical procedures in diabetic foot osteomyelitis  García-Morales E, Lázaro-Martínez JL, Aragón-Sánchez FJ, Quintana-Marrero Y
OP-4 The association between sudomotor dysfunction assessed by the indicator plaster Neuropad with foot ulceration in diabetes N. Tentolouris, S. Liatis, C. Voulgari, E. Diakoumopoulou, I. Eleftheriadou, K. Alexiadou, N. Katsilambros
OP-5 The prevalence of calcification of the pedal arteries in patients with disease of the foot in diabetes Fran Game, Anish Sharma, Brigitte Scammell, Julia Fairbairn, William Jeffcoate
OP-6 Stimulation of wound healing in cases of Syndrome of Diabetic Foot N.V. Sviridov, M.B. Gorobeiko
OP-7 Is There a Correlation of Positive Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Nasal Swabs with Diabetic Foot Infections?  Jayme R. Williams, Lawrence A. Lavery
OP-8 Immediate full weight-bearing walker brace is a safe treatment for stage I and stage II foot Charcot arthropathy in diabetic patients Parisi,C; Sakaki, MH; Sposeto, RB; Ortiz, RT; Godoy-Santos, AL; Nery, M, Fernandes, TD

Poster abstracts

P-1 Is there an association between lower limb vascular calcification and amputation in diabetic patients with a foot wound? Mutluoglu Mesut, Sivrioglu Ali Kemal,  Uzun Gunalp
P-2 The effect of diabetic neuropathy on cutaneous circulation in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus I. Eleftheriadou, P. Grigoropoulou, C. Arapostathi, C. Voulgari, A. Kokkinos, D. Perrea, N. Katsilambros, N. Tentolouris
P-3 Intensive Diagnostic and Interventional Strategy are Need in Diabetic Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease.  O.Bondarenko, K.Pryakhina, I.Sitkin, D.Egorova, G.Galstyan, I.Dedov 
P-4 Modification of  foot risk factors  in the treatment of diabetic neuro-ischemic foot of risk  I.Begma, I.Gurieva,  I.Kuzina and T.Meleshkevich,A.Begma
P-5 CT scans reveal the full extent of bone and joint damage of the Charcot foot A. Edmonds, NL Petrova, D. Elias, ME Edmonds
P-6 Autonomic Neuropathy in Diabetes Patients with Charcot Osteoarthropathy T.M, Christensen, J. Bülow, L. Simonsen, P. Holstein & O. L. Svendsen.
P-8 Insensate foot of diabetic foot ulcer can have underlying silent neuropathic pain  YM Yunus, SM Rajbhandari 
P-9 Is Neuropad test also effective for mild neuropathy detection?   V. Woskova, A. Jirkovska, R. Bem, M. Dubsky, K. Cechova 
P-10 Near –Infrared Photo Energy Therapy (Anodyne) could Reduce Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain Palanghi F.,DeBellis A.,Butelli L.,Gioffredi M.,Gori R.,Picciafuochi R., Martini N., Anichini R.   
P-11 Diabetic peripheral neuropathy, sarcopenia and obesity are important determinants of physical activity in type 2 diabetes Thomas T. van Sloten, Hans H.C.M. Savelberg, Inge G.P. Duimel-Peeters, Kenneth Meijer, Ronald M.A. Henry, Coen D.A. Stehouwer, Nicolaas C. Schaper
P-12 Bone mineral density in diabetes mellitus patients with and without a Charcot foot T. M. Christensen, L. Simonsen J. Bülow, P. Holstein & O. L. Svendsen.
P-13 A Study of Inpatient Care of Patients with Diabetic Foot Ulcers in a District General Hospital K Cheer, J Vere, EB Jude
P-14 Evaluation of risk factors for foot ulceration in a diabetic population attending outpatient podiatric clinics in Italy (APORPIDIA) D’Ambrogi E, Vermigli C, Casucci S, Vainieri E, Modugno M and Uccioli L on behalf of APORPIDIA group 
P-15 Factors related to outcome of foot ulcers in diabetic neuropathic patients C. Manes, T. Exiara, T. Katsaros, D. Petridis, S. Georga, N. Kefalogiannis, N. Karatzas
P-16 Diabetic foot ulcers: aetiological factors, complication with osteitis, treatment and evolution according to anatomical location.  J.Viadé, L.García-Pascual, M.Balsells, MJ.Barahona, T.Huguet , Q.Jordan, F.Girvent, M.Muñiz, J.Royo,j C.del Pozo, M.Buxeda,  JL.Dolz, J.Anglada
P-17 Diabetic Foot in Northern Greece: 6-year-follow up (Multicentre Study) D. Skoutas, N. Papanas, D. Karagianni, G. Georgiadis, K.Sakali, L. Doukas, K. Karamoschos, T. Mesimeris, N. Papazoglou, C. Manes, M. Lazaridis
P-18 Younger females get more foot problems in Egypt in comparison to the UK Soliman M.S., El-Kaseer M.R.,  Arafa A.F.,  Soliman G.S., Salim Ehab, Rajbhandari S.M.
P-19 The implementation of the integrated Diabetic Foot model in Moscow – is it effective?      Komelyagina E.U., Volkovoy A.K, Antsiferov M.
P-20 Diabetic foot problems in Mauritius Stephen AhKion, Vassen Pauvaday, Marie-France Kong, Rajesh Jogia, Isabelle Dumont
P-21 The predictive value of Neuropad® in patients with high risk for diabetic foot ulceration Veresiu IA,, Negrean M, Fulop E
P-22 Intensive cardiovascular risk treatment is sub-optimal in patients with diabetic foot ulcers A. Housley, S. Lo, SM. Rajbhandari 
P-23 How appropriate and timely are referrals made to a tertiary diabetes foot clinic? G Tarigopula, R Kanan, R Jogia, R Berrington, M-F Kong
P-24 Comparison of dynamic plantar pressure in Type 2 diabetic patients between China and Czech Republic  Luming Yang, Radim Kocourek, Petr Hlaváček, Jin Zhou, Wuyong Chen
P-25 Neuropathic diabetic foot: an easy-to-make offloading cast. Melcior Lladó, Vicente Pereg, Mercedes Codina, Maria Cladera, Santiago Tofé, Elena Mena, Isabel Socias
P-26 Effect of diabetes duration on plantar pressure distribution patterns  Diamanto Maliotou, Tatiana Tsetkova, Lenia Maliotou, Despina Theodorou
P-27 Randomised trial of custom orthoses and footwear on foot pain and plantar pressure in diabetic peripheral arterial disease J. Burns, C. Wegener, L. Begg, M. Vicaretti and J. Fletcher 
P-28 A Comparative Study of Outcomes of Patients With Diabetic Foot Lesions Managed with an Off-Loading Device, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Zulfiqarali G. Abbas, Janet K. Lutale, and Lennox K. Archibald
P-29 Clinical and economical aspects of off-loading methods in patients with diabetic foot.  N. Maximova, O. Udovichenko, M. Kalashnikova, E. Bublic
P-30 Total contact cast is safe modality for offloading patients with Charcot P. Katzman, M. Löndahl,  A. Andersson, P Flink, J Apelqvist, J Larsson
P-31 Patients with unilateral Charcot foot: medial convexity deformity versus rocker bottom deformity  T.Tsvetkova, V.Bregovsky
P-32 Foot care of haemodialysis patient is inadequate despite a higher prevalance of lower limb amputation     H Pollard(), L Solomon(), SM Rajbhandari()
P-33 High incidence of diabetes-related lower extremity amputations in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands (Spain) Quintana Marrero Y, Aragón Sánchez FJ, Hernández Herrero MJ, Lázaro Martínez JL, García Morales E.
P-34 Which factors were more important in deteriorating from the diabetic ulcers to amputation ? Zhangrong Xu, Ting Xiao, Yuzhen Wang, Yufeng Jiang, Ying Lan
P-35 Our experiences with the lower limb amputation in the diabetic patients I Frangež, C Triller, V Urbančič-Rovan, DM Smrke
P-36 Diabetic foot osteomyelitis. Clinical and microbiological characteristics and prognosis after one year of follow up. Preliminary results. Montse Muñiz, Queralt Jordano, Jordi Viadé, Angeles Jaen, Josep Royo, Eva Cuchí, MªJosé Barahona, Jordi Anglada. 
P-37 Surgical treatment of fifth metatarso-phalangeal joint osteomyelitis R. Da Ros, B. Brunato, C. Tortul, R. Assaloni
P-38 A randomized study of Biatain foam vs. gauze dressing in diabetic foot ulcers O. Udovichenko, E. Bublik
P-40 Verrucous hyperplasia in high risk diabetic feet treated with combined topical 5-fluorouracil and vitamin D-3 application P.E.Holstein and Tonny Karlsmark
P-41 Alterations of matrix metalloproteinase-9, transforming growth factor-beta1, plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 and vasomotor responses in insulin resistant patients with diabetic polyneuropathy P. Tretjakovs,, A. Jurka,, I. Bormane, D. Reihmane, I. Mikelsone, L. Balode, J.I. Aivars, V. Pirags,  
P-42 Diabetic foot – morphological study Raluca Maria Popescu, Eduard Lucian Catrina, Irina Draga Caruntu
P-43 The Impact of VAC- Instill TM in Severe Diabetic Foot Infections M.V.Schintler, E.-Ch. Prandl, G. Köhler, W. Haas, G. Kreuzwirt, S. Spendel, E. Scharnagl
P-44 Diabetic foot osteomyelitis: monitoring response to antibiotic treatment by labelled leucocyte scintigraphy S. Georga, C. Manes, I. Iakovou, D. Lo-Presti, D. Skoutas, T. Christoforidis, V. Nikos, A. Dumas, N. Karatzas
P-45 Fluoroquinolone vs cephalosporine. From what to begin? Grachova Tatjana
P-46 Development of a Rationalized Antibiotic Protocol for Inpatient and Outpatient Use in a Tertiary Diabetic Foot Clinic   K Dhatariya,, L Mtariswa, C Gooday, R Murchison, B Bullen, G Messenger, D Morrow, R Hutchinson, S Schelenz, C Hallam
P-47 Antibiotic susceptibility patterns among isolates from infected diabetic foot ulcers through 5 years 
V. Urbančič-Rovan, M. Hohnjec, M. Slak
P-48 Estimation of different methods of topical treatment of infected wounds in cases of syndrome of diabetic foot (SDF) using PEDIS classification.  Gorobeiko Maksym, Larin Oleksandr , Nastenko Dmytro
P-49 Infected  diabetic foot:  additional surgical approach  to stop the widespread suppurative process  to tibia V.T.Krivikhin , A.I. Lobakov,  E.V. Prusov, D.V. Krivikhin,  I..Ju. Lazarev, R.M. Parhimovich  
P-50 Predictive Factors and outcomes of Diabetic Foot Ulcers R Forth, K Cheer, J Vere, EB Jude
P-53 Most frequent bacterial isolates  In diabetic foot infections  in diabetic patients treated in diabetic foot clinic  at Medical University in Gdańsk in 2008  Sabina Tęcza
Prize P1 Levels of Vitamin D (25(OH)D) in Patients With Chronic Wounds With and Without Diabetes Ditte Erlangsen, Klaus Kirketerp-Møller
Prize P2 Efficacy of ABI in screening of peripheral arterial disease in diabetic patient with and without neuropathy R. Da Ros, B. Brunato, C. Tortul, R. Assaloni
Prize P3 Association between peak pressure and pressure time integral in footwear studies on the diabetic foot: What is the need to report both variables? Roelof Waaijman,  Sicco A. Bus
Prize P4 Effect of chronic alprostadil therapy in patients with neuroischaemic diabetic foot   Pavlina Pithova, Michala Pelikanova, Milan Kvapil


Case Reports

OCR-1 This is not a Charcot foot Eccles K, Jones G, Lomax G, Barrie J, Khan S, McLaughlin C, Nuttall G, Kenwright C
OCR-2 Osteomyelitis – conservative versus surgical management influenced by patient’s lifestyle. A case study Marie-France Kong, Rachel Berrington, Rajesh Jogia
OCR-3 (Mis) Management of Painful Neuropaty of Diabetes SM Rajbhandari
OCR-4 Difficult Diagnostic Case of Lower Limb Pain Syndrome in Type 2 Diabetic Patient. Olga Gerasimenko, Olga Bondarenko, Gagik Galstyan
PCR-1 The Charcot Foot with bony destruction/ deformity is a part of adynamic bone: pro- for CDUK results concerning bisphosphonate therapy     -CASE REPORT (CR)-  Dragan S. Tesic, Vladan Popovic, Radmila Zeravica
PCR-2 Should we be testing for positive Rheumatoid factor in patients suspected of Charcot?  – A case report. A.M.Whalley, J.D. Dean
PCR-3 How often does an ulcer have to reulcerate before considering surgery?  Rachel Berrington, Rajesh Jogia, Marie-France Kong
PCR-4 Two toes - two diseases?   T Jemmott, D Elias, NL Petrova, ME Edmonds
PCR-5 Drug interaction between simvastatin and sodium fusidate leading to Fatal Rhabdomyolysis in a patient with diabetic foot osteomyelitis. J A Malley, MA Myers and SM Rajbhandari
PCR-6 Charcot neuroarthropaty misdiagnosed and treated as osteomielitis?  Marek Przeździak  
PCR-7 Case Report of a Charcot Toe K. Zink,  J. Stumpf, H. Burgwall,T. Haak
PCR-8 Wound Healing with the use of KFH Novo. Case Report J Vere, EB Jude