Oral abstracts

O-1 William Jeffcoate Randomised Controlled Trial of Dressings in the Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers
O-2 Goretti C, Mazzurco S, Leonildi A, Scatena A, Tedeschi A, Rizzo L, Tascini C, Piaggesi A. Efficacy and Safety of a Novel Super-Oxidized Solution (SOS) in Managing Post-Surgical Lesions of the Diabetic Foot – A Prospective, Randomized Clinical Trial 
O-3 Briskin B.S., Polianskiy M.V.     Low-frequency ultrasonic wound treatment of necrotic and infected wounds of the lower limbs in diabetic patients.
O-4 Beckert S, Kueper M, Mayer P, Schule R, Königsrainer A, Coerper S Impact of Factor-XIII val34leu-polymorphism on healing of diabetic foot ulcers  
O-5 Lebedeva JV, Grekova NM, Belov VV Five-fluorouracil improves skin graft take in patients with diabetic foot syndrome.
O-6 R. Lobmann, S. Pollok, M. Motzkau,  A. Pfeiffer, P. Houdek, I. Moll,
J. M. Brandner
Connexin mimetic peptide Gap27 accelerates wound healing in ex-vivo wound
healing models, enhances the proliferation and migration of human fibroblasts
and keratinocytes but has no effect on the migration of human keratinocytes
from diabetic origin
O-7 P.L.H. van Battum, L. Prompers, M. Huijberts CRP as a marker for infection in diabetic foot ulcers
O-8 Miskina N.A. , Arbuzova M.I., Tokmakova A.Yu., Anciferov M.B. Autoantibodies to different types of collagen may be the probable reason
of chronic inflammation in type 2 diabetic foot patients.
O-9 Cecilia Rydén,  Lena Persson,  Antibody Production to S. Aureus Bone Sialoprotein Binding Protein Reflects Osteomyelitis in Diabetic Foot Ulcers 
O-10 Musgrove A  , Jeffcoate  WJ,  Game FL.  The changing face of MRSA in the diabetic foot clinic – an analysis of 5 years experience.
O-11 ST Lo, S Neupane, D Orr, SM Rajbhandari MRSA infection can be reduced in diabetic foot clinic
O-12 Aragón Sánchez FJ, Quintana Marrero Y, Hernández Herrero MJ, Lázaro Martínez JL, García Morales E.  Necrotizing Soft Tissue Diabetic Foot Infections. Our Experience in 6 consecutive patients.
O-13 Kamila Pieniążek, Anna Korzon-Burakowska, Joanna Jakóbkiewicz-Banecka , Teresa Koblik, Nina Petrowa, Bogdan Wyrzykowski, Grzegorz Węgrzyn          Evaluation of the OPG gene polymorphisms and serum levels of osteoprotegerin in Charcot artropathy: A pilot study  
O-14 Yaroslavtseva M.V., Ulyanova I.N., Galstyan G.R., Ilin A.V., Nikankina L.V., Remizov O.V.  The role of osteoprotegerin (OPG), receptor activator of nuclear factor-ΚB ligand (RANKL) in patients with diabetic osteoarthropathy and medial arterial calcification of the legs.
O-15 M Edmonds, T Dew, R Musto, S Thompson, R Sherwood, C Moniz, N Petrova The acute Charcot foot is characterised by increased proinflammatory cytokines,
TNF-alpha and IL-6, which correlate with its pathological bone turnover
O-16 NL Petrova, G Mabilleau, A Sabokbar, ME Edmonds  Increased percentage of CD4+ monocytes in acute Charcot osteoarthropathy 
O-17 Jirkovská A., Bém R., Dubský M., Fejfarová V., Wosková V. Skibová J. The difference in bone density between Type 1 and non-obese Type 2 diabetic patients with Charcot neuroosteoarthropathy 
O-18 Tedeschi A, Rizzo L, Zampa V, Teobaldi I, Vignali E, Leporati E, Bargellini I, Marcocci C and Piaggesi A.  Effectiveness of frequency-modulated electromagnetic neural stimulation (FREMS) in the treatment of the acute phase of Charcot´s neuro-arthropathy (DNOAP)
O-19 Game FL, Catlow R, Jeffcoate WJ, Jude EB, Edmonds ME, Baker N, Jones GR CDUK: a UK-wide, web-based survey of the management of the acute Charcot foot of diabetes 
O-20 R. Da Ros, R. Assaloni, G. Zuodar, S. Peressoni, M. Deotto,  A. Ceriello. Screening of peripheral arterial disease in asymptomatic diabetic patients 
O-21 Küper M, Ladurner R, Coerper S, Königsrainer A, Beckert S Is the daily routine measurement of transcutaneous tissue oxygen tension (tcpO2) a helpful tool in estimating the risk for non-healing in diabetic patients with non-palpable pedal pulses without chances for revascularization?
O-22 L. Uccioli, L. Giurato, S. Fabiano, V. Ruotolo,E. Vainieri, M. Di Modugno, E. Pampana, R. Gandini     Prostciclyn Analogue (PGI2) Infusion is able to Early Differntiate Successful from Unsuccessful Lower Limb Angioplasty in Diabetic Patients 
O-23 Varga M., Sixta B., Matia I., Jirkovská A., Hačkajlo D., Skibová J., Adamec M. Analysis of metatarsophalangeal joint resection in patients with diabetic foot in regards to transmetatarsal amputation.
O-24 Clerici Giacomo MD, Faglia Ezio MD, Clerissi Jacques MD,  Gabrielli Livio MD, Losa  Sergio MD, Mantero Manuela MD, Caminiti Maurizio MD, Curci Vincenzo MD, Quarantiello Antonella MD, Morabito Alberto Ph D,  Long-term prognosis of diabetic patients with critical limb ischemia: data of a cohort study of 554 diabetic patients followed for 6-years. 
O-25 V.Bregovskiy, I.Karpova. Risk factors of recurrent diabetic foot ulcers: results of 6-year follow-up study.
O-26 Rizzo L, Teobaldi I, Fallani E, Tedeschi A, Leporati E, Scirè V, Macchiarini S, Banchellini E, Scatena A and Piaggesi A.  A Structured Follow-up Reduces the Incidence of Recurrences in High Risk Diabetic Foot Patients:  A Prospective Study
O-27 G. Köhler, W. Haas, I. Rakovac, M. Schintler, G.Bock, S. Korsatko, J. Plank, T.R. Pieber  Evaluation of the impact of chiropodist care in the secondary prevention of foot ulcerations in diabetic subjects over a period of 6 years in Austria
O-28 Junmei Miao Jonasson, Weimin Ye, Pär Sprén, Jan Apelqvist, Kerstin Brismar Diabetes related lower extremity amputations in Sweden before and after implementation of a consensus program for the prevention of the diabetic foot – A population-based cohort study
O-29 Anichini R., De Bellis A, Seghieri C., Baggiore C.,Nuti S. and Piaggesi A. The improvement of diabetic foot care in Tuscany results in  amputation reduction 
O-30 C. Giacomozzi , E. D’Ambrogi,    E. Vainieri,  M. Di Modugno, L. Uccioli     Skin hydration and tangential stress in neuropathic diabetic patients 
O-31 Macchiarini S, Goretti C, Scatena A,  Tedeschi A, Teobaldi I, Civitelli A, Rizzo L and Piaggesi A.  Safety, Effectiveness and Costs of a Novel off-the-shelf Irremovable Device in the Management of Neuropathic Ulceration of the Diabetic Foot – a Prospective Randomized Trial
O-32 Sciré V., Leporati E, Teobaldi I, Ambrosini Nobili L, Rizzo L. and Piaggesi A. Effectiveness and Safety of Using a Digital Silicone Padding in the Primary Prevention of Neuropathic Lesions in the Forefoot of Diabetic Patients 


Oral Posters

OP-1 Udovichenko O., Strakhova G., Galstian G., Suntsov Yu., Bublik E., Bondarenko O., Uljanova I., Yaroslavtseva M., Dedov I. Understanding real prevalence of diabetic foot ulcers and amputations in Russia and  possible causes of its underestimation in epidemiologic studiesPrevalence of diabetic foot in patients with end-stage renal disease on dialysis therapy
OP-2 A. De Bellis, L Butelli, M Gioffredi, R Gori, R Picciafuochi,S. Nannelli, M.S.Gaglianò, L Alviggi and R Anichini.  The impact of the "shared care" of diabetic foot in lower limb amputation risk reduction
OP-3 William Jeffcoate, Fran Game, Nadina Lincoln, ,Kate Radford Evaluation of education in the secondary prevention of foot ulcers in people with diabetes  
OP-4 Nuttall Graham. Howard, McLaughlin C., Jones G.R., Lomax G., Eccles K., Kenwright. C.          A Diabetic Foot Ulcer Is Preventable; Does the Cost Justify the Means?
OP-5 Banchellini E, Macchiarini S, Dini V, Rizzo L, Abruzzese L, Tedeschi A, Scatena A, Goretti C, Romanelli M and Piaggesi A Nanotechnologies for the Management of Pre-ulcerative Conditions in the Diabetic Foot
OP-6 Mokhtari  I.  Ezzati  K.,Ojaghi  M. , Poladian  Z.  The role of physical therapy interventions, exercise and insole on prevention of diabetic foot complication  
OP-7 N. Papanas, K. Papatheodorou, D. Papazoglou, C. Monastiriotis, E. Maltezos Foot Temperature in Type 2 Diabetic Patients with or without Peripheral Neuropathy
OP-8 Curci Vincenzo MD Faglia Ezio MD, Clerici Giacomo MD, Caminiti Maurizio MD, Quarantiello Antonella MD,  Feasibility and sensitivity of ankle-pressure and foot oxymetry values for the detection of critical limb ischemia in diabetic patients.
OP-9 Bublik E, Galstyan G, Melnichenko.G, Safonov V, Shutov E, Filipcev P.  Prospective study of dialysis patients in three dialysis centers.
OP-10 M. Hohnjec, V. Urbančič-Rovan, M. Slak Inflammatory markers  in infected diabetic foot ulcers
OP-11 V. Fejfarová, A. Jirkovská, R. Bém, M. Křížová, V. Petkov, J. Skibová The occurrence of resistant pathogens and it´s effect on clinical end-points in patiens with the diabetic foot.
OP-12 Bém R., Jirkovská A., Novotný K., Fejfarová V.,  Dubský M., Wosková V. Effect of maggot debridement therapy on diabetic foot infection
OP-13 M.Fabbi, A.B. Sganzaroli, I.Pogliaghi, P.Cavaiani, R. Ferraresi, M. Centola F.Capello, C.Caravaggi       Safety and efficacy of a dermal substitute in the coverage  of cancellous bone after surgical debridment for severe diabetic foot infection
OP-14 C.Caravaggi, A.B. Sganzaroli, M.Fabbi, I.Pogliaghi, P.Cavaiani, R. Ferraresi, M. Centola, F.Capello   Midfoot fusion in treatment of severe deformity and joint instability of the midfoot in Charcot neuroarthropaty
OP-15 Kanade RV, Price PE, Harding KG, van Deursen RWM Gait velocity: A potential index of functional outcome in patients with diabetic foot complications



P-1 V. Woskova, A. Jirkovska, R. Bem, M. Dubsky, K.Cechova, J. Peregrin, B. Koznar Is ankle-brachial pressure index sufficient test for indication of percutaneous transluminal angioplasty  in patients with diabetic foot ulcers?
P-2 L. Giurato, R. Gandini, S. Fabiano, V. Ruotolo, E. Vainieri, M. Di Modugno, E. Pampana, V. Spallone, G. Simonetti, L. Uccioli    PVD and Limb Salvage: Five Years Follow Up in a Third Level Diabetic Foot Clinic 
P-3 Scatena A, Petruzzi P*, Abruzzese L, Bargellini I*, Rizzo L and Piaggesi A.    Critical Limb Ischaemia (CLI) in Diabetic Patients is Associated with Multi-Districtual Macroangiopathy but not with Micro-Angiopathy
P-4 Bruce Graham, Millward Barbara  Impact of Factor-XIII val34leu-polymorphism on healing of diabetic foot ulcers  
P-5 Seung-Kyu Han, Hyon-Surk Kim, Kyung-Wook Chun, Woo-Kyung Kim Can Macrocirculation Changes Predict Non-Healing Diabetic Foot Ulcers?
P-6 V. Urbančič-Rovan, A. Bernjak, , B. Sedej, A. Stefanovska  Low-energy laser irradiation influences microcirculation in diabetic foot ulcers
P-7 T Jemmott, M Bates, NL Petrova, ME Edmonds  Proinflammatory cytokines and high sensitivity C-reactive protein to monitor disease activity in acute Charcot feet
P-8 T.Tsvetkova, V.Bregovsky    Patients with unilateral Charcot foot: affected versus unaffected foot comparison 
P-9 Baker NR, Green AQ, Rayman G.  The importance of a good blood supply in development of Charcot Neuro-arthropathy: Charcot neuro-arthropathy following bypass surgery in both limbs.
P-10 Lázaro Martínez JL, García Morales E, Aragón Sánchez FJ, Quintana Marrero Y. Goniometrics XR values comparative study of the diabetic patients feet with and without neuropathy 
P-11 Holger Burgwal, M. Jahn, Prof. K. Peikenkamp Dr. K. Zink Clinical gait analysis of Patients with the Charcot Foot
P-12 S Georga, G Arsos, T Didangellos, D Karamitsos, C Karakatsanis. Differential diagnosis of osteomyelitis in the complicated diabetic foot: value of inflammatory blood markers, radiography and radionuclide methods
P-13 Zulfiqarali G. Abbas, Janet K. Lutale, and Lennox K. Archibald The Utility of Gram Stains and Culture in the Management of Limb Ulcers in Persons
with Diabetes, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
P-14 Mrozikiewicz-Rakowska.B, Rosiński.G, Krasnodębski.P, Karnafel.W Retrospective microbiological analysis of wound infections in diabetic foot syndrome   
P-15 Jabeen Fouzia, S Bukhari, R Jogia, R Berrington, S Jackson, M-F Kong Infected Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Review of Specimen Collection and the Microbiological Spectrum  
P-16 V.V. Privolnev, Reshdko G.K.  Evaluation of initial antimicrobial treatment of diabetic foot infection in a regional hospital in Russia.
P-17 Collina MC, Di Campli C, Di Carlo S, Dore A, De Gaetano D, Lapenna A, Federici A, Federici  G,Toscanella F. Candida krusei infection as a main prognostic factor in hemodialytic patients affected by diabetic foot ulcers
P-18 Lázaro Martínez JL, García Morales E, Aragón Sánchez FJ, Quintana Marrero Y. Randomized Comparative Trial of a Collagen/Oxidided Regenerated Cellulose Dressing in the Treatment of the Neuropathic Diabetic Foot Ulcer
P-19 Dubský M., Jirkovská A., Bém R., Fejfarová V., Skibová J., Sixta B., Rezaninová L. Assessment of Acellular porcine dermis as a new local treatment of diabetic foot ulcers
P-20 Strakhova G. Yu., Tokmakova A. Yu., Arbuzova M. I.,  Galstyan G.R. The effectiveness of Promogran in the treatment of neuropathic foot ulcers in diabetic patients with nephropathy.
P-21 Valentova Zuzana, Karol Svik, Jan Kucera, Vladimir Velebny The effect of the chitosan-glucan complex on healing process of excisional wounds in healthy and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
P-22 Jude EB, Boulton AJM, Harding KG, Askwith RL, Boyd M, St.Clair Roberts J An Open-Label Study of Allogeneic Fibroblasts in the Treatment of Chronic Neuropathic Diabetic Foot Ulcers 
P-23 Löndahl M, Nilsson A, Hammarlund C, Apelqvist J, Sellman A, Katzman P Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as adjunctive treatment of chronic diabetic foot ulcers – results from a prospective randomized double-blind study  
P-24 I. Dumont, E. Fernandez, D.Tsirtikolou, M. Lepage, S. Popielarz, A. Fayards, M. Lepeut.   The Ransart Boot.  An offloading device for every type of Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU)?
P-25 Monica Berry; Helene Gordon; Louise Stuart; Philip Wiles,  Healing Heel Ulcers: the less is more approach to casting
P-26 Sicco Bus, Roelof Waaijman, Mark Arts, and Erik Manning. The efficacy of a removable vacuum cast replacement system in reducing plantar forefoot pressures in diabetic patients
P-27 Louise Stuart,, Monica Berry; Philip Wiles,  The Manchester ‘Martini’ Cast - any time, any place, anywhere!
P-28 Diamanto Maliotou, Tatiana Tsetkova Individual approach to off-loading in patients with diabetes mellitus
P-29 T. Kamalov  Surgical treatment of diabetic foot syndrome
P-30 Rachel Berrington, Rajesh Jogia, Stephen Jackson, Marie-France Kong What are the factors causing reulceration in the diabetic foot?
P-31 V. Ruotolo, F. Spasaro, A. Hazbiu, E. Vainieri, M. Di Modugno, L. Uccioli Healing Rate And Prediction Of Wound Healing Time In Diabetic Foot Ulcers In A Cohort Of Outpatients Presenting To A Tertiary Care Diabetic Foot Clinic
P-32 G.A. Matricali, M. Flour, S. Houthoofd, C. Mathieu, K. Deschamps Rigid hallux valgus correction to reduce detrimental plantar pressures causing a recurrent malum perforans
P-34 R Da Ros, R Assaloni, E Brocco, A Senesi, M Manzi, M Fusaro, M Noale, S Maggi,
L Dalla Paola
Effect of revascularization on transmetatarsal amputation healing in diabetic ischemic foot 
P-35 Caminiti Maurizio MDFaglia Ezio MD, Clerici Giacomo MD, Clerissi Jacques MD, , Quarantiello Antonella, Curci Vincenzo MD  Somalvico Francesco  Advantage of peripheral angioplasty in diabetic patients with failing bypass graft or residual critical ischemia after bypass graft
P-36 R. Ferraresi, M. Centola M.Fabbi, A.B. Sganzaroli, I.Pogliaghi, P.Cavaiani, F.Capello C.Caravaggi Limb salvage in ischemic diabetic foot: long-term outcomes of successful, isolated below-knee endovascular procedures

Francesco Liistro, Lucia Ricci, Alessandra De Bellis , Guido Bellandi, Leonardo Bolognese, Roberto Anichini.

Percutaneous Peripheral Interventions In Diabetic Patients With Critical Limb Ischemia
P-38 Withdrawn  
P-39 A Housley, P Goodwin & S M Rajbhandari  Induction and Training of Locum Podiatrist is Essential to Maintain High Standard of Diabetes Foot Screening    
P-40 Zulfiqarali G. Abbas, Janet K. Lutale, William J. Jeffcoate The spectrum of lower extremity disease on a single day in Tanzania
P-41 Kurt Andersson, Eva Lindgren, Per Lindblom, Kerstin Brismar & Börje Åkerlund.  Establishment of a multidisciplinary foot clinic: Patient characteristics and outcome regarding healing and amputation.
P-42 Zhang-rong Xu, Ai-hong Wang, Shi Zhao Analysis on the medical cost of the diabetic patients with foot problems and peripheral artery disease.
P-43 Ai-hong Wang, Shi Zhao, Qiang Li, Rong-wen  Bian, Zhan-jian Wang, Ji-ping Mao,
Zheng-hua Xiao, Xueyi Ma, Shao-da Lin, Guo-cang Chen, Ying-sheng Zhou,
Zhang-rong Xu. 
A multicenter survey on the diabetic foot and medical economics in China
P-44 Kahal H, Forde E, Wong ML, Coppini DV Patient and ulcer outcomes in the foot clinic: A 2 year follow-up study.
P-45 Dirk Hochlenert,  Treatment of Patients with Diabetic Foot Syndrome in a Network
P-48 N. Papanas,, E. Maltezos, M. Edmonds Neuropathic vs. Neuroischaemic Diabetic Foot in a Specialised Centre:  Survival of the Fittest?
P-49 C.E.V.B. Hazenberg, S.A. Bus,, H.A Manning, A. Bril, J.G. Van Baal Development of a system for the scanning of the diabetic foot in the home-environment: a validity and reproducibility study
P-50 DS Tesic, S Avramov, P Pantelinac, M Mitrovic   People who have more proximal leg artery occlusion in type 2 diabetes are attracted
to shorter life duration: 10 years follow up study
P-51 N. Mehova, S.Smirnova and V.Bregovskiy. Prevalence of risk factors of diabetic foot ulcers in the North-West region of Russia
P-52 C van Schie, M Kroon, S Bus, TE Busch, RPJ Michels, F Nollet The effect of joint mobility on plantar pressures and walking capacity in diabetic patients with and without previous foot ulceration.
P-53 Rajput B, Cochrane L, Arnold GP, Gibbs S, Leese G, Abboud RJ Beyond Pressure...The Possible Role of Muscle Dysfunction in Diabetic Foot Ulceration        
P-54 Caleb Wegener, Joshua Burns, Lindy Begg,  Relationship between foot structure and duration of Diabetes Mellitus
P-55 Šibová B., Pavlačková J., Hlaváček P.  Study of the shod feet of type 2 diabetics in relation to their footwear
P-56 Martina Chmelarova, Marlene Mauch, Petr Hlavacek, Stefan Grau Foot Form in Children with and without Diabetes Mellitus Type 1
P-57 Parisi, Candida; Trevisan, Rafael Ortiz; Nery, Marcia; Fernandez,Tulio Diniz.  Clinical evaluation of metatarsalgia in diabetic subjects using rigid rocker-bottom outsole shoes 
P-58 H.v.Lilienfeld Toal,  P.M. Bajorat, J.M. Asfour, S. Morbach The „smart sock“: a diagnostic instrument to evaluate pressure distribution of the complete circumference of the foot inside a shoe
P-59 Junmei Miao Jonasson, Weimin Ye, Pär Sparén, Jan Apelqvist, Olof Nyrén, Kerstin Brismar Risk of non-trauma lower extremity amputation in patients with type 1 diabetes – a population-based cohort study in Sweden
P-60 S.N.Pashchina, A.A.Bespalov    The Follow-up Study of Diabetic Foot Patients Undergone Minor Amputations 
P-61 Vijay Viswanathan, Z. G. Abbas , J .R Wadud Comparison of Post Amputation Outcome in Type 2 Diabetic Patients from Three Developing Countries
P-62 Hedvig Svensson MD, Jan Larsson MD PhD, Jan Apelqvist MD PhD Associate Professor Magnus Eneroth MD PhD Associate Professor Outcome of 410 foot amputations in patients with diabetes
P-63 M. Bates, I. Okpara, T Akande,  N. Petrova, ME Edmonds Anaemia in diabetic foot patients – a forgotten complication 
P-64 R. Hoefield, M Oliver, SM Rajbhandari.   Peritoneal Dialysis is associated with decreased risk factors for foot ulceration in subjects with Diabetic End Stage Renal Disease   
P-65 Fiona Hawke and Joshua Burns  Translating research to practice: systematic reviews for the diabetic foot