Oral Abstracts

Abstract Author Title
O-1 Bublik E, Udovichenko O, Galstyan G, Melnichenko.G Safonov V, Shutov E. Prevalence of diabetic foot in patients with end-stage renal disease on dialysis therapy
O-2 Beckert S, Sundermann K, Wolf S, Königsrainer A, Coerper S. Hemodialysis impairs cutaneous microcirculation in diabetic patients.
O-3 S.G.Mengoulis; A.P.Garrow; F.Abouaesha; C.H.M.vanSchie; A.J.M.Boulton Does plantar tissue thickness vary with age and gender in people with diabetes?
O-4 V.Bregovskiy, T.Tsvetkova, Karpova I. Patterns of foot pressure distribution in healthy diabetic patients, patients with diabetic neuropathy, and patients with healed foot ulcers.
O-5 Claudia Giacomozzi, Emanuela D’ambrogi, Velio Macellari and Luigi Uccioli Contribution of Foot Ankle Impairment to Abnormal Foot Loading in Diabetic Patients
O-6 Hans H.C.M. Savelberg, Nicolaas C. Schaper, Paul J.B. Willems, Ton L.H. Dd Lange, Kenneth Meijer Diabetic Polyneuropathy affefcs the Braking Forces during Walking
O-7 ME Edmonds, NL Petrova , AE Edmonds, DA Elias. What happens to the initial bone marrow oedema in the natural history of
Charcot osteoarthropathy?
O-8 NL Petrova, DA Elias, ME Edmonds Is Charcot osteoarthropathy a symmetrical disease?
O-9 Jirkovská A., Fejfarová V., Bém R., Skibová J. Vitamin D deficiency and its dependence on renal insufficiency in patients with
Charcot neuroosteoarthropathy
O-10 Bém R., Jirkovská A., Fejfarová V., Skibová J. Effect of intranasal calcitonin on healing times in patients with acute Charcot foot:
A randomized controlled trial.
O-11 Javier La Fontaine, Lawrence B. Harkless, Victor L. Sylvia, David
Carnes, Josephine Heim-Hall, Edward Jude
Levels of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthetase Isoform, and Calcitonin
Gene Related Peptide in Charcot Neuroarthropathy
O-12 Laurinaviciene R, Kirketerp-Moeller K, Holstein P. Exostectomy for chronic midfoot plantar ulcer in Charcot deformity
O-13 Carlo Caravaggi, Sganzaroli A.B., Ferrari L., Pogliaghi I., Cavaiani P., Fabbi M *Capello F., Sacchetto L Follow up of Intramedullary Nail Fixation for the Treatment of Charcot Neuroatropathy of the Ankle with Severe Joint Instability: A Confirmation of Limb Salvage Surgical Procedure
O-14 S. Coerper, S. Beckert, A. Königsrainer Diabetic Foot Infection before and after Surgery and their impact on healing and amputation
O-15 Kirketerp-Moeller K, Vestergaard M E, Holstein P. Flexor Tenotomy in the Management of Ulcers of the Toes of the Diabetic Foot
O-16 RG Frykberg, DPM, MPH , NJ Bevilacqua, DPM, LC Rogers, DPM Salvage of the limb with calcaneal osteomyelitis; a case-series of 20 partial calcanectomies.
O-17 Carlo Caravaggi, Sganzaroli A.B., Ferrari L., Pogliaghi I., Cavaiani P., Fabbi M Capello F., Sacchetto L. Subtotal calcanectomy: should be this surgical procedure still considered a safe surgical approach for heel ulcer with osteomielities of the calcaneus bone? Review of a large cohort of diabetic patients
O-18 Robert G. Frykberg DPM, MPH, Suzanne Abraham, DPM, Jared Hall, DPM,
Edward Tierney, DPM Carl T. Hayden
Syme Amputation as an Alternative to Below-Knee Amputation
Follow-up Results in 26 Patients
O-19 Manes C., Kirlaki E., Papantoniou S., Sossidou E., Skoutas D., Tsotoulidis S, Kefalogiannis N., Sion M. Neuropad: Validation of a new indicator plaster as a screening tool in identifying patients at risk of foot ulceration – a multicenter study
O-20 N. Papanas, G. Giassakis, K. Papatheodorou, D. Papazoglou, C. Monastiriotis, D. Christakidis, H. Piperidou, E. Maltezos The New Indicator Test (NEUROPAD) in the Assessment of the Staged Severity of Diabetic Neuropathy
O-21 A. Andersen, B. Joergensen, T. Karlsmark, Klaus Kirketerp-Moeller, T. B. Rasmussen, T Bjarnsholt, M. Givskov, K. A. Krogfelt Maggot debridement therapy (MDT) in diabetic foot wounds – Quorum sensing dependent bacterial niches may promote infection or MDT failure
O-22 V. Urbančič, A. Bernjak, A.Holder, A.N. Koralevich, A. Stefanovska Low-energy laser irradiation influences tissue oxygenation in diabetic foot ulcers
O-23 Sixta B., Rezaninová L., Bém R., Jirkovská A. The role of skin xenografts in the treatment of diabetic foot
O-24 R. Da Ros, C. Vitale, R. Assaloni, A. Ceriello Neuromodulation FREMS in the treatment of diabetic peripheral arterial disease
O-25 Lawrence A. Lavery, David G. Armstrong, Christopher S. Wendel, Edgar Peters, Benjamin A. Lipsky Osteomyelitis and the “Probe to Bone” test in Persons with Diabetes: Relevant, Reliable, or Relic?
O-26 S Georga, G Arsos, T Didangellos, E. Moralidis, D Karamitsos, C Karakatsanis Radionuclide diagnosis of osteomyelitis in diabetics with non-healing foot ulcers
O-27 S. O'Meara, E. A. Nelson, S. Golder, J. Dalton, D. Craig, C. Iglesias Systematic review of diagnosis of infection in diabetic foot ulceration
O-28 Mikael Bitsch, Line Iversen, Per E Holstein, Michael Christiansen, Inga Laursen, Anne-Marie Engel Recalcitrant foot ulcer infections in mannan-binding lectin deficiency in people with diabetes mellitus
O-29 Robert G. Frykberg DPM, MPH, Stephanie Michael DPM, Brian Wittmayer DPM, Edward Tierney, DPM Morbidity of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) in Infected Diabetic Feet
O-30 E. A. Nelson, S. O'Meara, S. Golder, J. Dalton, D. Craig, C. Iglesias Systematic review of antimicrobial interventions for diabetic foot ulceration
O-31 Gibbons J, Woodyer A, Jude E Multidisciplinary foot clinic and improved outcomes in diabetic patients
O-32 Khramilin V.N., Demidova I.Y. Efficiency of education based prophylactic program for diabetic patients with high risk
of developing diabetic foot & amputation.
O-33 I. Got, Ph. Oberlin, MC Mouquet . Diabetic foot care in France : evolution of hospitalization from 1997 to 2003.
O-34 Lobmann R., Müller E., Kersken J., Bergmann K., Brunk-Loch S., Groene C., Lindloh C., Mertes B. The Diabetic Foot in Germany
Analysis of Quality in specialised Diabetic wound care centers
O-35 E. Pendry, ME Edmonds Neuroischaemic patients have increased mortality compared with neuropathic
patients after severe foot infection: almost 50% of them die in the first year
O-36 N. Tentolouris, A. Papazafiropoulou, R.F. Soldatos, Katsilambros N. Mortality in diabetic and non-diabetic patients after amputations performed from 1996 to 2005. A 3-year follow-up study

Oral Poster Presentation

OP-1 N. Jourdan, S. Schuldiner, JL. Richard, D. Vannereau, M. Rodier The diabetic, his feet and the Internet.
OP-2 G Duncombe, R Berrington, M-F Kong, S Jackson Audit of foot care in in-patients with diabetes revisited
OP-3 Mamdouh El-Nahas, Hanan Gawish, Manal Tarshoby and Omnia State. The prevalence of foot ulcer risk factors in Egyptian diabetic patients.
OP-4 M.A.Zelenov, L.S.Kokov, I.A.Eroshkin Distribution of the atherosclerotic lesions of lower limb arteries in patients with diabetes.
OP-5 N. Papanas, E. Maltezos, M. Edmonds A Study of Patients Presenting with Neuropathic vs. Neuroishaemic Foot
OP-6 Garrow AP; Thekekkara T; Gibbons J; Jude EB Mortality in diabetes: results from a community foot screening programme
OP-7 V.Fejfarová, A.Jirkovská, R.Bém, M.Křížová Comparison of Complications of off-loading methods (Total Contact Cast vs. removable cast Walker) with focus on osteomyelitis
OP-8 Carlo Caravaggi, Sganzaroli A.B., Ferrari L., Pogliaghi I., Cavaiani P., Fabbi M Capello F., Sacchetto L . New prosthesis for Chopart amputation: reduction of reulceration risk and better quality of life

Poster Presentation

P-1 I.Eroshkin, A.Eroshenko, Y.Vasiliev Our experience of arterial revascularization in patients with diabetic foot syndrome.
P-2 A, Eroshenko, I.Eroshkin, V.Mitish Use of collateral arteries of a shin for endovascular revascularization of the foot
arteries in patients with diabetic foot syndrome (clinical observation)
P-3 RA Phelan, P. Sidhu, J Wilkins, D Evans, H Walters, H Rashid, K Jones, M Doxford, ME Edmonds How feasible is day-case infra-inguinal angioplasty in diabetic ischaemic patients?
P-4 Orudjeva S.A., Zemlyanoy AB Changes of central hemodynamics while realizating the regional anesthesia in patients with diabetic foot.
P-5 Grigorieva Yulia Fazilovna The role of laser osteoperforation in complex management of patients with diabetic foot syndrome
P-6 O.Bondarenko, N.Khodjamiryan, G.Galstyan Transcutaneous oxymetry (TcPO2) in the detecting of patients with high risk
of foot problems.
P-7 Zemlyanoy AB, Svetukhin AM, Pal'tsyn AA; Kolokol'chikova EG, Kolosov RV An electron-radioautographic research of microvessels in the patients with ischemic foot.
P-8 Robert G. Frykberg DPM, MPH, Brian C. Wittmayer DPM, and Edward Tierney, DPM Vacuum-Assisted Closure Therapy: Case Report of Use over Exposed Tendon And Limb Threatening Infection in a Neuropathic Patient
P-9 MK Piya, A Housley, J Coffey, SM Rajbhandari SPECT Scan is useful to diagnose osteomyelitis in diabetic foot ulcer
P-10 Panova Irina The Pharmacological View on Management of Polyorganic Pathology in Patients with Diabetic Foot Syndrome
P-11 Lebedeva JV, Grekova NM Influence of 5-fluorouracil on wound healing in diabetes mellitus.
P-12 Z. G. Abbas, J. Lutale, and L. K. Archibald Utility of Bacterial Cultures in the Management of Foot Ulcers in Diabetic Patients, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
P-13 V. Urbančič, M.Gubina, M.Slak, K.Kren, S.Jekovec Pathogens in infected diabetic foot ulcers treated on out-patient basis.
P-14 Begma A.N., Gurieva I.V. Rational Regimen of Antibacterial Therapy in Short-Term Period for the Patients with Diabetic Foot Syndrome
P-15 N. Papanas, E. Maltezos, M. Edmonds Neuropathic Foot Complications Mimicking Diabetic Neuropathy in Patients without Diabetes Mellitus
P-16 DS Tesic, A Oros, V Dzinic, P Pantelinac, M Mitrovic, R Pejin, J Radosavljevic Decreased vibration perception threshold in type 1 but not type 2 patients with proliferative retinopathy
P-17 Effect of smoking on Peripheral Neuropathy and low ABPI
G. Lamptey, S. Tutty, H. Tindall, H. Serghides
Effect of smoking on Peripheral Neuropathy and low ABPI
P-18 T.Tsvetkova, V.Bregovsky Influence of Minor Amputations at Plantar Pressure Distribution in Charcot Foot
P-19 Eduard Lucian Catrina, Ion Mihai Vereanu Surgical Impliations of “Charcot Foot” in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus
P-20 I.Marolt, K. Schara Recent Acute Form and Chronic Charcot Arthropathy Affecting Both Feet in a
Type 2 Diabetic Patient (Case Illustration)
P-21 I.V.Gurieva, O.V.Svetlova Long-term follow up of Charcot neurosteoarthropathy.
P-22 A Housley, G Myers, S M Rajbhandari Removable custom-made lightweight fibreglass boot (RFB) is effective in healing
foot ulcers
P-23 Lindy Begg, Joshua Burns A Comparison of Insole Materials on Plantar Pressure and Comfort in
the Neuroischaemic Diabetic Foot
P-24 Klare W.-R., Krenmayer H., Koggel A. Pressure relief by means of a lower leg total contact cast (TCC) in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers—results from a case study
P-25 Sicco Bus, Rob Haspels, Carine van Schie, Paul Mooren, Tessa Busch, and Sjef van Baal Biomechanical optimization of orthopaedic footwear for diabetic patients using in-shoe plantar pressure measurement
P-26 N. Alikadic MD, D. Smrke MD, PhD Total Contact Cast and Aquacel Hydrofibre Dressing in the Management of
Large, Heavily Exuding Neuropathic Diabetic Foot Ulcers
P-27 Fabbi M, Sganzaroli A.B., Ferrari L., Pogliaghi I., Cavaiani P., Capello F., Sacchetto L and
Carlo Caravaggi
Safe and efficacy of not-windowed fiberglass off-loading cast in the treatment of diabetic neuropathic plantar ulcer of the foot: observational clinical trial in a large cohort of patients.
P-28 Anichini R., Francia P, Butelli L., Gioffredi M., Gori R., Picciafuochi R., Nannelli S., Fedi F. , Salerno R., Lazzeri R, Alviggi L., De Bellis A. New Approach in Diabetic Foot Prevention
P-29 Barbara Semlitsch, Waltraud Haas, Thomas Pieber Evidence based Guidelines: Diabetes Foot Education
P-30 Clemensen J, Larsen SB, Ejskjær N Diabetic foot ulcers and telemedicine: aspects of cooperation, communication, coordination and competence
P-31 Vasile V. Anestiadi, Zinaida G. Anestiadi A Medical Decision Support System on Drug Interactions
P-32 Hahn, Jan-Uwe, MD; Dietze, Holger, MD; Kerner, Wolfgang, MD The 1-year-results of an ICD-10- / OPS-301-based amputation register of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
P-33 Komelyagina E., Volkovoy A., Antsiferov M. Prevalence of Foot Ulceration and High Risk Group for Foot Ulcers in Moscow – a Population Based Study.
P-34 Joel Gurr, Virginia Bower Evidencing your intervention – Measuring Time to Heal.
P-35 Ogbera AO, Ikeja, Idi-araba Revisiting the “FOOT AT RISK” in Nigerians with Diabetes Mellitus
P-36 J.R.Wadud, M.A.Samad, M.Enayet, A.Rubayat, B. Bhowmik Risk factor for the development of Diabetic Foot in Bangladesh.
P-37 Z. G. Abbas, J. Lutale, and L.K. Archibald. Lower Limb Cellulitis among Diabetes Patients, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Analytic Studies of Associated Risk Factors.
P-38 Ivanov A, Udovichenko O, Bublik E, Brezhneva E. What happens with patients ‘dropping out’ from DF clinic supervision?
P-39 Ejskjaer N, Larsen SB, Clemensen J Moving treatment of diabetic foot ulcers from the hospital to the patient’s home
P-40 Marie-France Kong, Rajesh Jogia, Steve Jackson How Adequate is the Diabetes Care Received by People with New Ulceration?
P-41 Melby, Britta Østergaard (RGN) Quality of life issues in diabetic patients with foot ulcers hospitalised in Copenhagen Wound Healing Center at Bispebjerg Hospital.
P-42 Schmidt S., Mayer H., Panfil E.-M. Health-deviation self-care for the prevention of diabetic foot ulcers: a cross-sectional study.
P-43 Anne Rasmussen Is diabetic patients´ risk profile and behaviour influenced by education?
P-44 A. De Bellis, F.Tesi, L Butelli, M Gioffredi, R Gori, R Picciafuochi, S Nannelli, L Alviggi and R Anichini Results of an Educational/Screening Prevention Programme on Diabetic Foot in Diabetic Patients
P-45 Hedvig Svensson Med kand, Jan Larsson MD PhD, Magnus Eneroth MD PhD Outcome of 182 mid-foot amputations in patients with diabetes
P-46 S. Tutty, G. Lamptey, R. Thacker, H. Tindall and C. Barrett Identifying the need for early foot examination and classification in newly
diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes patients.
P-47 Meleshkevich Т.А., Gurieva I.V., Long-term follow up of patient with diabetic foot syndrome and retinopathy
P-48 Begma I.V., Gurieva I.V. Follow-up Study of Patients with Neuropathic and Neuroischemic Form of the Diabetic Foot Syndrome , Conducted in Omsk (West-Siberia Region of Russia)
P-49 Jette Vibe-Petersen, Michael Lohmann, Hans Perrild, Torben Jørgensen, Per Holstein. Callosities are associated with never seeing the chiropodist, high BMI and high
total cholesterol
P-50 Udovichenko O., Bublik E. Urea-containing moisturizer vs. oil-containing balm: open-label crossover study
P-51 Dr Johan De Neve, Dr Kristien Van Acker Use of Noncontact Normothermic Wound Therapy (Warm-Up ® wound therapy system) on chronic diabetic foot ulcers, a pilot study.
P-52 Marleen De Pover, David Demey, Geert Rousseeuw, Kristien Van Acker The patient believes and own experience of Maggot-therapy in a multidisciplinary diabetic foot clinic.
P-53 Bruce G, Millward BA, Transcutaneous oxygen pressure, Vibration perception threshold and shortened neuropathy symptom score and presence of a foot ulcer in the diabetic foot before and after Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.


Gusov T., Melnichenko G., Udovichenko O. Bublik E., Safonov V., Ulyanov D. Successful prevention of lower limb amputations in diabetic patient on haemodialysis: case study.