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O-1 N. Papanas, A. Gries, E. Maltezos1, R. Zick The Steel-Globe: A New Test for the Diagnosis of Peripheral Neuropathy and the Diabetic Foot

A.P.Garrow; Abbott CA; Carrington A.L.; Boulton A.J.M

The natural history of peripheral neuropathy over two years - results from a community-based cohort

O-3 G Rayman N Baker STM Krishnan Wound healing and microvascular responses in the foot skin of Type 2 diabetic subjects with neuropathy
O-4 Ulyanova I.N., Yushkov P.V., Tokmakova A.Y Bone structure changes in patients with diabetic neuropathy.
O-5 Spruce M, Sears K, Feyers K, Masding MG, Coppini DV Established diabetic neuropathy seems irreversible despite improvements in metabolic and vascular risk markers- a retrospective analysis in a hospital patient cohort.
O-6 N. Papanas, M. Edmonds, E. Maltezos Coronary Artery Disease and the Diabetic Foot: Evidence for a Foot-Heart Syndrome?
O-7 R. Lobmann, M. Motzkau, H. Lehnert, A.Ambrosch Cytokine analyses in wound fluids of DFS: an objective reflection of inflammation and the state of healing ?
O-8 AVM Foster, ME Edmonds A randomized, open-label, multicentre study to compare the safety and efficacy of bi-layered cell therapy versus standard therapy in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers
O-9 Caselli A, De Simon S, Chiurco D, Testa P, Bellissimo E, Uccioli L Skin characteristics at the foot level in diabetic patients with and without neuropathy
O-10 C. Caravaggi I. Pogliaghi, P. Cavaiani, E.Sommariva, A. Sganzaroli, L. Ferrari, L. Sacchetto Non removable fiberglass off-loading walking cast versus aircast in the treatment of neuropathic foot ulcers: a controlled randomized clinical study.
O-11 Z. G. Abbas, J. K. Lutale, S.Y. Chipchase and W.J. Jeffcoate Muhimbili Comparison of four classification schemes for Diabetic Foot Ulcers seen in Tanzania
O-12 Kshitij Shankhdhar, Lakshmi K Shankhdhar, Uma Shankhdhar The Samadhan System - IR a new, economical, effective and Irremovable Offloading Approach for Type 2 diabetes patients with neuropathic forefoot plantar ulcers.
O-13 NL Petrova, N. Donaldson, M. Bates, AVM Foster, ME Edmonds In Charcot osteoarthropathy early offloading prevents bone mineral density falls not only in the Charcot foot but in the contralateral non-Charcot foot
O-14 Jirkovská A., Fejfarová V., Bém R., Skibová J Calcium regulating hormone and vitamins in patients with Charcot osteoarthropathy
O-15 A. Korzon-Burakowska, RM Saldana Chaparro, NL Petrova, C. Moniz, ME Edmonds Increased serum Osteoprotegerin in type 1 but not in type 2 patients with Charcot osteoarthropathy
O-16 Baker N.R., Murali-Krishnan S.T., Rayman G Microvascular and C-fibre function in Charcot neuroarthropathy as compared with diabetic neuropathy
O-17 ME Edmonds, NL Petrova, D Elias The earliest magnetic resonance imaging sign of mid-foot Charcot osteoarthropathy is oedema of subchondral (subarticular) bone marrow which needs prompt therapeutic offloading
O-18 V. Urbancic, M.Gubina, M.Slak, S.Jekovec Bacteria in superficial diabetic foot ulcers and their susceptibility to antibiotics through 10 years.
O-19 B.A. Lipsky, D.G. Armstrong, D. Citron, A. Tice, D. Morgenstern, M. Abramson, for the SIDESTEP Study Group The SIDESTEP Study of Diabetic Foot Infections (DFI): A Multicenter, Double-Blinded, Randomized, Controlled Trial (RCT) of Ertapenem (E) vs. Piperacillin/Tazobactam (P/T)
O-20 Gibbons J, Jude EB Conservative management of osteomyelitis in a multidisciplinary foot clinic
O-21 B.A. Lipsky, D.G. Armstrong, D.E. Morgenstern, T.R. King, M.A. Abramson Does a Diabetic Foot Infection (DFI) Wound Score Correlate with the Clinical Response to Antibiotic Treatment? Data from the SIDESTEP Study
O-22 A. Piaggesi, L. Rizzo, M. Pieri*, A. Tedeschi, S. Nardi*, F. Palumbo, F. Campi, A. Scatena, C. Goretti, S. Del Prato Full-thickness skin grafting in the management of wide post-drainage lesions of non weight-bearing surfaces of the foot.
O-23 S. Georga1, G. Arsos1, T Didangellos2, E. Moralidis1, E. Pangalos3, D. Karamitsos2,
C. Karakatsanis1
Radionuclide differential diagnosis of infected from noninfected neuropathic osteoarthropathy in diabetics.
O-24 L.Uccioli, R. Gandini,A. Caselli, S. Fabiano, S. Di Carlo, L. De Padova, L. Aggressive Interventional Management of the Ischemic Diabetic Foot Candidate to Lower Limb Amputation
O-25 Kanade RV, Price PE, Harding KG, van Deursen RWM Daily walking activity following partial foot amputations in diabetic people
O-26 Jeffcoate WJ, Chipchase SY, Pound N, Macfarlane R and Game FL Achieving the St Vincent Target for amputation
O-27 AC Pappas, SP Kon, NL Petrova, ME Edmonds Reduced major amputation in patients on dialysis after intensive foot ulcer treatment
O-28 Game FL, Chipchase SY, Burden RP and Jeffcoate WJ Close temporal association between established renal failure and the incidence of both foot ulcers and major amputation in diabetes mellitus
O-29 Armstrong DG, Lavery LA, Frykberg RG, Wu SC, Boulton AJM Validation of a Diabetic Foot Surgery Classification
O-30 L. Uccioli**, E. D’Ambrogi**, V. Macellari*, C. Giacomozzi* Alteration of diabetic foot loading: the analysis of the Equivalent Maximum
Loading Time
O-31 Anichini R., Francia P*, Butelli L., Gioffredi M., Gori R., Picciafuochi R., Nannelli S., Fedi F. , Salerno R*., Lazzeri R*, Alviggi L., De Bellis A Adapted Physical Activity and Diabetic Foot Prevention
O-32 Pedrosa HC, Gomes EB, Assis MA, Felix MT, Teixeira L, Neto Cavalcante FF, Saigg, MA ,Armstrong DG, Boulton AJM Pressure Assessment in the Diabetic Foot: Is a Mat just a Mat?
O-33 van Deursen RWM, Price PE, Harding KG, Kanade RV Daily Walking Activity In The Presence Of Diabetic Foot Ulcers
O-34 M. Bates, NL Petrova, ME Edmonds How long does it take to progress from cast to shoes in the management of Charcot osteoarthropathy?
O-35 Caroline A. Abbott1, Adam P. Garrow and Andrew J.M. Boulton Asian diabetic patients have fewer foot deformities compared to age- and
sex-matched European diabetic patients.
O-36 L Prompers, M. Huijberts, K. van Acker, J. Apelqvist, A. Piaggesi, M. Spraul, N Eurodiale: Optimal Organisation of Diabetic Foot Disease
O-37 L Prompers, M. Huijberts, N. Schaper, on behalf of the Eurodiale Consortium Ulcer Characteristics in Europe; the Eurodiale project

Oral Poster Presentation

OP-1 D.G. Armstrong1, B.A. Lipsky2, A.B. Polis3, D.E. Morgenstern3, T.R. King3, M.A. Abramson3 Utility of dermal thermometry (DT) as an indicator of clinical cure in diabetic foot infection (DFI): a SIDESTEP substudy
OP-2 LA Lavery, DG Armstrong, EJG Peters International Working Group’s Diabetic Foot Risk Classification: Validation in a Large Population Based Cohort
OP-3 Isabelle Dumont, Clotilde Rousere , Eva Fernandez. Centre du Pied de Ransart, Belgium Usefulness of Plantar Insoles in the prevention of neuropathic diabetic foot ulcer recurrences
OP-4 Roberto Da Ros, Roberto Ferraresi, Antonio Ceriello, Carlo Caravaggi Peripheral distal angioplasty of lower limbs: long term outcomes
OP-5 A. Sledzinska, E. Arlukowicz, A. Samet, A. Korzon – Burakowska Microorganisms isolated from ulcerations from patients treated in Diabetic Medical Centre in Gdansk in 2002-2004
OP-6 Strakhova G. Yu., Tokmakova A. Yu., Arbuzova M.I The Proteolytic activity of blood plasma in diabetic patients with chronic wounds.
OP-7 Kenwright.C. Dr Jones.G. R. Eccles K. Lomax G. Blackburn Royal Infirmary. An Audit as to the Effectiveness of an Emergency Hot Foot Telephone Line for the Diabetic Foot
OP-8 Jauhangeer B.R, Perry D, Wren M.W.D, Issack M.I, Leigh R and Greenwell P*. Use of real-time universal 23s rDNA PCR for detection of pathogens in diabetic
foot ulcers in Mauritian patients of Indian and African origin.
OP-9 C. Caravaggi I. Pogliaghi, P. Cavaiani, E.Sommariva, A. Sganzaroli, L. Panmetatarsal resection on the treatment of recalcitrant ulcer of the forefoot in diabetic foot.
OP-10 Kersken J., Rheine, Germany Longterm results after resection of metatarsal bones

Poster Presentation

P-1 McClennon Joanne,Green Jillian,Robinson Adam Acupuncture – an alternative treatment for painful diabetic neuropathy
P-2 Lavery LA, Lavery DE, Lavery DC, Armstrong DG Failure of Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments: the emperor has no clothes
P-3 Manes C., Karagianni D., Soulis K., Sossidou E., Satsoglou A., Milarakis D.,
Skoutas D
Clinical examination and quantitative sensory tests for diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy and identifying patients at risk of foot ulceration
P-4 P. Tretjakovs A. Jurka A. Stift, A. Jansone, J. Aivars, V. Pirags Diverse effects of diabetic peripheral neuropathy, hyperglycaemia and hyperthyroidism on cutaneous vasomotor response
P-5 T.Meleshkevich , I. Gurieva Federal State Institution Federal Bureau Medical Social
Course of diabetic peripheral neuropathy in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy undergoing thioctacid treatment
P-6 Markevich YO, Grokhovska MV, Lerchuk OM, Serhiyenko AA, Boyko NI, Vendzylovich YM, Pavlovsky MP Effect of ?-Lipoic Acid on Lipid and he Erythrocyte Metabolism in NIDDM Patients with Diabetic Neuropathic Foot
P-7 M. Slak, O.Dabic, V.Urbancic Semi-transparent plastic board – a tool for more accurate interpretation of protective sensation testing.
P-8 K. E. K. Lindeburg and P. Holstein Maggots and VAC in Treatment of Diabetic Heel Necrosis

Tentolouris N., Benroubi M., Ditsias Th, Doukas L., Gerasimidis T., Hatzopoulos S., Karamanos D., Karamoshos K., Konstadinidis K., Kouroglou M., Loupa C., Marielis D., Markou G., Megalopoulos A., Pagkalos E., Tsapogas P., Vogiatzoglou D., Beele H, Russell L, Nebbioso G0, Münter K-C, Basse PB., Dahl C

A Hydro-activated silver-containing foam in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers: data from The Contop Study
P-10 Itzhak Siev-Ner, Gerard Marx, Anna Hotovely-Salomon, , Ganit Snir, Lila Levdansky, Elena Gaberman, Lital Levidor-Adler, Yakir Klauzner, Mel Silberklang and Raphael Gorodetsky New Haptide-Coated Active Collagen Sponge Dressing for Skin Wound Regeneration
P-11 G. Rayman, M. Lohmann, B. Jørgensen, T. Karlsmark Clinical evidence for the use of a sustained silver releasing foam dressing, Contreet Foam, in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers
P-12 Khramilin V.N. Low-frequency ultrasonic wound treatment of chronic wounds of the low limbs in diabetic patients.
P-13 Piza-Katzer H, Jeschke J, Meirer R, Kamelger FS, Petschke F, Niescher-Lueftl K, Hoenlinger M Shock wave therapy: an innovative treatment method for chronic wounds in diabetes
P-14 Jeffrey A. Niezgoda, M.D., FACHM, FACEP , E. Bernadette Cabigas, M.D.,
Eric P. Kindwall, M.D., Steven Magill, M.D., Ph.D., John P. Simanonok, M.D.
Hyperbaric oxygen and diabetic wound healing: the role of nitric oxide synthase3
P-15 Groblewski W, Korzon-Burakowska A, Kot J, Tracz K, Przezdziak M, Michalski G. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Diabetic Foot Syndrome
P-16 Snir D., Dagan B., Atrash R., Abo-leil P., Rozin W., Klein B. Amputation prevention in diabetic patients: an intervention model in the community.
P-17 Bém R., Jirkovská A., Fejfarová V., Skibová J., Sixta B. Risk factors for unsuccessful healing after minor amputation in patients with diabetic foot
P-18 K. Schara, I.Marolt, V.Urbancic Selective bone and joint surgery for neuropathic foot ulcer healing and prevention of reccurence.
P-19 Robert G. Frykberg Saving the Diabetic Lower Extremity: Further Experience with the Syme Amputation
P-20 V.Bregovsky, I.Karpova. Mortality and low extremities amputations in patients with diabetic foot ulcers: results of long-term follow-up.
P-21 I.Marolt1; K.Schara2;V.Kosmina Novak1 Selection and Preoperative Evaluation of Diabetic Patients Before Corrective Bone Surgery
P-22 C. Caravaggi ,L. Sacchetto, I. Pogliaghi, P. Cavaiani, E. Sommaria, A. Sganzaroli, L. Ferrari The US debrider in the treatment of infected ulcers of foot and legs in diabetic patients
P-23 Subramanian Nallasivan, Marie-France Kong, Rajesh Jogia, Steve Jackson. How Adequate is the Diabetes Care Received by People with New Ulceration?
P-24 F. Palumbo, A. Tedeschi, L. Rizzo, A. Augugliaro, F. Campi, A. Scatena,
C. Goretti, A. Piaggesi
One Year of In-Hospital Activity for Lower Extremity Complications
in a Diabetological Department
P-25 Brunk-Loch, S; Hinck,V; Maxeiner, S.; Tönges,J; Henschel, M.; Process and Results Quality of Foot Clinics in the Context of the Follow-Up Certification within the “AG Fuß” Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland in the ADE
P-26 A. Tedeschi, F. Palumbo, L. Ambrosini Nobili, A. Civitelli, E. Leporati, S. Macchiarini, V. Scirè, I. Teobaldi, F. Campi, L. Rizzo, A. Piaggesi Analysis of three years of activity of a foot clinic in a welfare state health service.
P-27 O.V. Udovichenko Elaborating of a rating system for diabetic foot clinics worldwide («1 to 5 stars»): the way to a validation study
P-28 I.Gurieva, E. Komeljagina Risk Factors Evaluation Study for Stratification At Risk Classes
P-29 Eva-Lisa Heinrichs, Keith Harding, Patricia Price Optimal Service Provision for Patients in Wales with, or at Risk of Developing, Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Review of Barriers to Implementation
P-30 D. Limperopoulou, M. Bates, NL Petrova, ME Edmonds The epidemic of neuroischaemic foot
P-31 Hinchliffe R, Kirk BA, Chipchase SY, Roe S, Game FL and Jeffcoate WJ Study of the effect of haemodialysis on transcutaneous oxygen tension (TcpO2) in the lower limb of patients with diabetes
P-32 Khodjamiryan N., Galstyan G., Antsiferov M. The use of beta-blocker in the treatment of diabetic patients with peripheral occlusive disease.
P-33 Jude EB; Gibbons J; Hawskworth L; Garrow A.P. An examination of the relationship between painful neuropathy and vascular symptoms – results from a community screening program
P-34 Pichlerova D., Woskova V., Jirkovska A., Skibova J Comparison of the reproducibility of the ankle blood pressure and transcutaneous oxygen pressure measurements
P-35 D.S. Tesic, P. Pantelinac, S. Avramov The Metabolic Syndrome Hypercholesterolemia and Smoking Presence in almost all Diabetic Limb Occlusive Angiopathies
P-36 K. Soulis, C Manes, M Jiakooubkova, K Houliaropoulos, A. Sakallerou Prevalence of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) in patients with Type 2 DM
P-37 Zink, K., Hermanns, N., Hagemeyer, J., Haak, T. The Woundhealing of Plantar Neuropathic Ulcers with the Darco Wound-Care-Shoe (WCS?) in Comparison to the Globoped? Half-shoe.
P-38 Isabelle Dumont, Eva Fernandez, Marc Lepeut The Ransart Boot
P-39 Bondarenko O.N., Udovichenko O.V., Galstyan G.R. The Use of the Total Contact Cast for treatment of Diabetic patients with foot ulcers
P-40 Sicco Bus, Marieke Wissink, Robert van Deursen, Rajani Kanade, and Erik Manning. Offloading the diabetic foot using forefoot offloading shoes
P-41 Bruce G, Millward B A Percutaneous Achilles Tendon Lengthening (ATL) (The Hoke Procedure),
follow up of an initial cohort of patients after 5 years
P-42 T.Tsvetkova, V.Bregovski Biomechanical changes in patients with Charcot foot during 4-years follow up
P-43 T.Koblik ,J.Sieradzki , J.Friedlein Charcot joint – diagnostic pitfalls. A case study.
P-44 I.Eroshkin, Y.Vasiliev, M.Zelenov, L.Kokov, O.Udovichenko Lesion types in popliteal and crural arteries in patients with diabetic foot syndrome.
P-45 L.S.Kokov, I.A.Eroshkin, M.A.Zelenov Transluminal balloon angioplasty and stenting in patients with diabetic foot syndrome
P-46 Strakhova G. , Udovichenko O. , Eroshkin I. , Zelenov M. , Vasiljev Ju.,
Bondarenko O. , Galstian G
Follow-up results of endovascular interventions vs conservative treatment in diabetic patients with critical limb ischemia.
P-47 M.A.Zelenov, L.S.Kokov, I.A.Eroshkin Angioplasty and stenting of below the knee arteries in patients with diabetic foot syndrome.
P-48 Hazenberg CEVB, de Leeuw LA, van Baal JG Clinical results of Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty in the treatment
of ischemic diabetic foot
P-49 Y.Vasiliev, M.Zelenov, L.Kokov, O.Udovichenko, I.Eroshkin Change in the Ankle-Brachial index in patients with Diabetic Foot Syndrome
before and after Transluminal Balloon Angioplasty of lower limb arteries
P-50 R Berrington, H Atkins, R Jogia, M-F Kong, S Jackson “Horrible-looking left foot”
P-51 Arlukowicz E., Sledzinska A., Bronk M. Samet A. Korzon-Burakowska A. Resistance to second-line antibiotics (piperacillin, piperacillin/tazobactam, parenteral cephalosporins, carbapenems and aminoglikozydes) of Gram-negative bacteria isolated from diabetic foot ulcers treated in Regional Diabetic Centre in Gdansk
P-52 Udovichenko O.V., Zakirova V.U. , Khristjuhina O.A., Galstian G.R. High prevalence of antibiotics resistance in microorganisms isolated from diabetic foot ulcers in Moscow
P-53 Nadja Alikadic, Dragica Smrke, Zlatko Parac, Ciril Triller, Ana Ogric Our Experience with Zyvox (Linezolid) as a Treatment Option for MRSA Skin and Soft Tissue Infections Including Diabetic Foot Infections


Zemlianoi A.B., Svetukhin A.M., Pal’tsyn A.A., Kolokol’chikova E.G.,
Chervonskaia N.V., Badikova A.K., Bobrovnikov A.E., Puchkova L.S.,
Grishina I.A.
Features of the humoral immunity of diabetic patients with infection lesions
of lower extremities
P-55 Stephen Albert Cost-effectiveness of Using Becaplermin Gel for Recalcitrant Diabetic Foot Ulcers
P-56 P. Minartz, D.Tschöpe Treatment of chronic diabetic wounds with platelet rich Plasma (PRP) by using the Magellan ® proceedings. A research study based on 31 cases
P-57 Kren K, Slak M., Urbancic V. Platelet-rich concentrate – adjuvant treatment for non-healing foot ulcers.
P-58 N. Tentolouris, A. Stylianou, A. Georga, G. Marcou, P. Tsapogas, S. Liatis, N. Katsilambros Co-morbid conditions in patients with diabetic foot ulcers: do they explain the high mortality rates in the patients with foot ulcers?
P-59 Z. G. Abbas, J. K. Lutale, and L. K. Archibald Morbidity and mortality among diabetic patients hospitalized with foot ulcers, Dar es salaam, Tanzania
P-60 V. Fejfarová, A. Jirkovská, R. Bém, I. Mášová, J. Skibová Is there any difference between microscopic and culture mycotic findings from hyperkeratosis and diabetic foot ulcers?
P-61 Mamdouh El-Nahas, Hanan Gawish, Manal Tarshoby Plasma homocysteine concentrations in diabetic foot ulcer Patients.
P-62 DG Armstrong, DPM, MSc, PhD K Holtz, DPM S Wu, DPM, MSc Can the Use of a Topical Antifungal Nail Lacquer Reduce Risk for Diabetic Foot Ulceration? Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial
P-63 Ogbera Anthonia.Okeoghene, Department of Medicine, Lagos State University
Teaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria.
Some Features Of Foot Ulceration in Nigerians With Diabetes Mellitus
P-64 Sabina Tecza, Anna Korzon-Burakowska, Marek Przezdziak Healing time of diabetic foot ulcers in the Diabetic Foot Clinic in Gdansk, Poland
P-65 Jeffcoate WJ, Kneepkens H, Radford KA, Von Fragstein M, Lincoln NB, Game FL. How much do professionals differ in the advice they give people about foot care?
P-66 Susan Woods , Hans-Ulrich Clever, Manfred Dreyer, Wolfgang Tigges, Axel Hirsch. Documentation of psychsocial therapy barriers to offloading in patients with diabetes foot syndrome at risk for recurrent ulceration.
P-67 S. Coerper, S. Beckert, A. Königsrainer Impact of patient compliance on healing and recurrence rates of diabetic foot ulcers
P-68 J.R. Wadud, B. Bhowmik, Q. Islam, I. Rubayat, E.Manzoor et al. Profile of admitted patients at Quader Memorial Foot Care Hospital
(An enterprise of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh)
P-69 Berrington Rachel, Jackson Steve, Jogia Rajesh, Atkins Helen, Kong France-Marie An Informed Patient and a Host Of “Incorrect” Decisions
P-70 H Atkins, R Jogia, R Berrington, M-F Kong, S Jackson, U Jayatunga Below knee amputation in diabetic chronic Charcot foot – patients’ choice
P-71 Hans-Ulrich Clever, Wolfgang Tigges, Manfred Dreyer, Susan Woods Evaluation of treatment of DFS in outpatients attending a diabetic foot clinic in cooperation with an interdisciplinary network.