The Young scientists have been selected and will, in collaboration with the mentor group, begin the project in September 2018. 

Stay updated on this website for more information on the progress of the group.

Project Background:
Diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) is known to be a severe complication of Diabetes. Recurrence rate is high, leading to additional costs to health care providers and patients. 

Many efforts to lower primary and recurrence rates have been seen, however there are very few studies focusing on the primary prevention of the very first ulcer with the aim of preventing the DFU and its sequelae entirely. 

Furthermore, due to the difficulties in stratification of low-risk from moderate or high-risk patients, and the need to protect the foot, studies are often limited. Therefore there are very few proven DFU primary prevention programs and in turn there is paucity of information for their economic benefit. 

Project Vision:
The selected group will meet to discuss different ulcer-preventive interventions for neuropathic and neuro-ischaemic patients at risk and with no current or historical DFUs, with respect to for example psychological and/or behavioural risk factors, protective footwear and ongoing systematic foot checks vs. standard care  (depending on setting & regional differences). 

The value-based agenda will be used to define potential outcomes and cost effectiveness with the completion of a hierarchy of outcomes and their cost e.g. models for prediction of transition from the condition from being ulcer free or a historical DFU to the uninfected DFU, infected DFU, limb loss, healed DFU and death.