Oral presentation guidelines

If you have an oral presentation at the Virtual Meeting of the DFSG 2020, please prepare your presentation according to these guidelines:



  • Use PowerPoint or similar
  • Size: 16:9 ratio


Technical requirements:

  • Webcam or build-in camera in laptop
  • Good Internet connection
  • Access to the microphone of your laptop
  • We recommend using a headset for the recording as the sound quality will be better.


Instructions for presentation of abstracts sessions:

  • Presentation time: 7 min
  • Q&A from moderators and speakers: 3 min
  • Slide limit: 10 slides, the last slide should be summary/conclusions
  • Please declare Conflicts of Interests


Presentation tips and recommendations:

  • Please speak slowly when presenting
  • If possible, please have a neutral background (book shelves, staircases, paintings etc. disturb the visual impression of your presentation).


If you have a presentation in any other session, the technical requirements and format is the same, but the timing of your presentation will be sent to you by email.


All presenters are welcome to use the DFSG Master Slide for their presentation if they wish or use their own template in 16:9.

You can download the slide here: